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Program: Enriching Program (Livelihood promotion)

Concept Paper
Program: Enriching Program (Livelihood promotion)
(By enriching rural folk economically, socially and politically)
Objective: To achieve Economic, Social and Political development of rural folk in UP.
Steps: Economic development through dairy and cluster as first step, social through solar light as second step and political through active participation in political activities after getting social training and becoming established social leaders by social work.
1. Conversion of mind set from poor to be rich
2. Inculcation of passions in personalities to achieve goals.
3. Making healthy by consuming complete food-milk available at home.
4. Motivating to learn accounting and management through application to agribusiness.
5. Enriching rural folk economically, socially and politically.
6. Strengthening of community feeling.
7. Cultivation of habits of self-less services.
8. Inspiring to see big dreams.
9. Developing a high ambition.
10. Fruitful usage of ICT like cell phone and net.
11. Learning how to connect rural to urban through marketing.
12. Making self sustainable and independent.
13. Developing social leaders at village level.
14. Development of many Anna in each village to see his village like Ralegaon Sidhi.
Organization set-up:
State Level:
Patron: Prof Kirpa Shanker ( IIT Kanpur- Honorary)
Over all head: Heera Lal (honorary)
Ramesh Yadav : CEO
Prof. Tarun Singh Gangwar-(honorary) community advisor rural marketing.
Prof. Jabir Ali IIM Lucknow( honorary) Strategic advisor
Dr I C Nagar ( honorary) community development advisor
Dr. M. Singh ( honorary) community communication advisor
Ashish Raj ( honorary) SHG development advisor
Head of office- S. Shrama and Himanshu Pandey
District Level: NGOs as change agent
Village level: Head of Nodal dairy (Here village means jurisdiction of a gram pradhan)
How to achieve: Brief description of activities: The state level team will provide all know how required to establish a modern and mechanized dairy to district NGOs. District NGOs will be trained to develop a desired dairy. This will be the first step to develop them economically. Our dream is to establish at least one the most modern dairy in each village of UP which will have a population not less than ten animals. These can be more than one in a village. NGO will co-ordiante, facilitate and do A to Z to see a sustainable set-up. For this, we will educate NGOs persons by literature and site visit. State team will equip the NGOs with writing material what to do daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, half yearly and annually. They will get input for required management and accounting. After successful development of dairy, they, in turn, will help the villagers in modernizing, updating and enlarging their rustic dairy. Nodal dairy will purchase the produce at nominal profit (profit will not be more than Rs one per liter)
This way nodal dairy at village level has two roles. One is as produce and second as marketer of his village dairy. Same procedure will apply to other products like solar and political products.
Financial mechanism: Nodal dairy will transfer 25 paisa per liter to NGO. NGO will transfer 5 paisa per liter to state office. They will maintain their affairs with this. This can change subject to mutual agreement. To this effect an agreement in the form of a contract will be signed and registered.
Monitoring: State office head will monitor the progress every day with each NGOs electronically in a prescribed format. This format will be developed by state team in consultation with NGOs. The report will be reviewed by CEO. He will share the report with Head. The state head will discuss with core team to reach proper and suitable steps. A weekly meeting will be organized at district and state level. The state head will take a monthly meeting of NGOs. These weekly and monthly meeting will be at dairy locations in villages in rotation. This will increase cohesion among them.
Research: The state team will research the latest knowledge and technology. They will consult NGOs to find local suitability and feasibility. To keep ahead in market, embracing updating knowledge is must.
In every district there will be a research team of top 5 Dairy men. They will research on local issues and bring update inputs from outside. This team will organize site visit to successful case to learn and see the success. This team will act as coordinator and assistant to Nodal NGO and will work under its super vision.
Reward: Each NGO will select the best three Nodal dairy on monthly basis. The best three will be given award annually. The criteria for selection will be prescribed. This will develop a competitive atmosphere in them. And this lead to healthy competition and a race in right direction. The team will work on next product of green energy in parallel to develop them socially.

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Convince if not then Confuse

Political marketing: Convince if not then Confuse

Congress is trying to confuse public. Baba Ram Deo and Anna Hazare set two issues keep hitting public mind- Black money and Corruption respectively. They are successful because these are social issues affecting the general masses. These issues were agenda points of BJP in 2009, but couldn’t get luster. BJP tried these political products to sell in the market of 2009 Loksabha election. It was not successful, reason being, BJP as political party didn’t have the required credit to hit public mind.
Duo made issues visible. Visibility crated problem for congress. Being in power for most of the time, it is not able to reject blames outright. One thing has set in publics’ mind that these are the bad side effects of misgovernance of congress. This situation is highly disturbing congress and its government.
Initially Congress and government tried to convince both. They labored hard to make them understand that their demand would be met. But all endeavor failed. Subsequently, they are busy to confuse public like past. Here they are doing a great mistake. Now public is well connected through different modes of ICT. Hence having information, and tool to verify the veracity of the facts and timing as well.
After independence congress was single effective national party. But with becoming Atal as PM in 1998 from BJP, things changed drastically. Now it is a parallel national party and giving stiff competition. Congress is losing its national character gradually at the cost of BJP and regional parties. If we evaluate some regional heads, they are doing better than congress. CM Nitish kumar is a good example to cite.
Congress has not taken any lessons from all these changes and developments. If taken, not emulated to change itself to accommodate all such changes. This is one prominent reason of loosing political ground among many others. They are trying to do politics in Nehru and Indira style in a boundary less and well informed society which was almost absent in past. There are sea changes from then and now. Obama getting elected US president sent a worldwide signal about the change sweeping across the borders.
Congress needs to reform itself to meet public expectations. Political parties in power serve the society and public through policies. If assess the performance on this, we will get negative marks. Bills are introduced under public pressure but not passed. Lokpal bill is an example to it. Productivity of our legislative bodies and parliament are going down. It means politicians are doing what not to do and not doing what to do. Hence they are losing public faith.
Nitish kumar, Dr. Raman and Shiv Raj Chauhan, Tarun Gagoi as CM has set a new agenda for Indian political actors-perform or go. The agendas are good governance and governance deficit. It is unfortunate to say, water is flowing against the gravity. Right of service was first launched by Madhya Pradesh and now GoI and others are trying to copy. It implies states are ahead in enacting public needed and demanded laws. GoI is lacking in its basic duties, so losing command over public.
In the tough political competition, all parties bound to respect public demands and mood. Days have gone of imposing will and ignoring public wishes. Congress is still in old mode of imposing and posing. This is the reason two simple gentle man jolted the oldest party and its government. Further sad part, they are treating these two and their team to reduce the strength to agitation related to all. This is going against. This is generating a feeling that they are getting this treatment because they raised public issues. This also proves old mode functions.
First attack was on Baba and his close associate Balkrishana. Second attack is on Anna and his team. Santosh Desai has critically analyzed on this issue in his article. If they were not 24 carat gold- the ideal condition- can’t they raise the public issue. On this one can conclude like this. To raise such social issue first one should prove his 100 percent purity. By throwing mud on the social activists, congress is thinking that it will confuse public. It is a wrong notion and mistaken approach. Even if a bad character will raise these, s/he will get issue based support- at least on social sites- a strong tool in public hands. This was absent during Nehru and Indira regime.
Public has clarity in its mind. They know it is hard to get blameless person, in this case public is not seeing the miner blames of person raising their issues. They are concentrating on the issue affecting the country and its progress. And it is fueled by opposition, civil society, media and intellectuals. Even in deep rural these are talks of town and with blame going on to congress.
Old adage foreign hand, RSS supported is fired cocks. Information revolution made it blunt. Hard to understand why congress is using these blunt weapon. Now public questions why RSS and alike can’t raise such issues. What is wrong if it is raised by them? Further, they ask questions why black money generated and why corruption spread and whose duty was to retard its growth. Its answer is congress.
To prevent further loss, congress should accept its mistake like Clinton accepted as president in case of his sex scandal. Accepting mistake makes one great not mean. If Congress will accept the reality like Bill clinton and promise to act cleanly, they can set the whole process in reverse gear as long term political marketing strategy.
If not, 2014 election will be on these issues and as of now it will prove a nightmare for Rahul. Though he is trying to administer soft medicine to reform and adjust changes, but it is not working as disease is chronic one. Hence, it needs hard one to cure. One line theme for congress shed old style of imposing. Assess public mood and act accordingly if wish to have their mandate. Try to work with good governance as central agenda.
(Views are personal and based on different sources)

Heera Lal


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Political marketing through international diplomacy by OBAMA

Changing Diplomatic Landscape in South Asia

In coming days, South Asia (SA) will be the epicenter of world power. SA has potent and fast growing rising countries- India and China. China is second largest economy after US and India is fourth after Japan- India and china together unmatched. With increasing clout of both, SA is in the process to change its diplomatic landscape. US president Barack Obama with an eye on re-election in 2012 is architecting new ways in this region. Four compelling issues made him to act speedily. One, ailing US economy; two, Osama catch in Pakistan; three, lost of strategic importance of Pakistan; four, containment of growing China.
One, ailing US economy: in December 2008 Obama unveiled stimulus packages that exceed $1 trillion. But, US economy did not recover as stipulated and expected. There is valid reason behind it. The Great Recession showed, dramatically, that the US could no longer afford the combination of low taxes, low savings, high welfare benefits and foreign wars. Absent the trillions spent in foreign wars, the US economy may have recovered quickly. But the war on terror doomed it financially. US government debt to outsiders has soared from 40% of GDP to 67 %, and further to 98%, including gilts held by US agencies like the social security system.
Economist Michael Boskin says in a Wall Street Journal op-ed that federal spending (25% of GDP), the budget deficit (10 % of GDP) and federal debt (67% of GDP) are all at their highest levels since World War II. The proportion of employed citizens (58.1%) is the lowest since 1983. The proportion of long-term unemployed (59%) is the highest since the 1930s. The proportion paying income tax (49%) is the lowest in modern times. The proportion getting government handouts (47%) is the highest in history.
As per US 2010 census data, In US, Indians are 0.9 percent followed by Chinese 1.1 percent. But in per capita income, Intelligence and labor grading, Indian-Americans are better than Chinese-Americans. Indians community has two governors and politically influential. They voted and supported financially to Obama in 2008. But ban on outsourcing hit hard Indian community in US. They are annoyed. Obama couldn’t afford this annoyance if he wishes to repeat in 2012.
On one hand he inherited the ailing economy and on other hand he is the great hope for the US public. If he corrects and takes any measure, its side effect comes in way as in the case of outsourcing. To reduce the ire, he took many Indian in his administrative team. He visited India in November 2010 and tried his best to put ointment on wounds by announcing his support for Indian permanent seat in United Nations Security council. He tried to assuage emotionally. Along with it, many important bilateral agreements were singed.
Economically and culturally both countries are much closer than any other SA countries. This is also a favorable point in site. This process of coming together was set in motion by then US President Bill Clinton. He visited India and went deep inside the country to see Indian strong traditions closely. During his eight years, he brought this process to such a point from where reversion in not possible. After his tenure, Bush was not that favorable like him. But he couldn’t set the things in back gear as politically it was not advisable and possible too.
To cure ailing economic situation, Indian big market is a point in consideration. Bilateral trades will help a lot in improving the sagged financial conditions. Indian Prime Minister ManMohan Singh is also having good inclinations towards US. His Core team which includes Montek Singh Ahluwalia and Kabil Sibal are also enjoying pro-American image in public. Times to time such allegations are coined against them by opposition. Therefore, for US India is the best friend in SA from economic angle.
Two, Osama catch in Pakistan: after 9/11 incident, Osama became number one enemy of US and the most wanted terrorist worldwide. This incident jolted US from inside for the first time in recent past. This broke a myth that none can attack US. It used to boast and influence that if any one would enter into their territory to attack, their radars, satellites and missiles would not allow it and would foil the attempt in way. But 9/11 attacks proved all such thoughts hyperbole.
Destroying both trade towers resulted in worsening the economic back bone of the country. This is supplemented by unwise and political decisions of fighting wars outside and lowering taxes simultaneously. Through this tactic Bush was able to reelect and fulfill his personal ambitions. But he brought the country’s economy on the verge to collapse. Economic indicators prove this.
Bush could not find Osama. But, Obama located him in Abbottabad of Pakistan. US attacked unilaterally and killed him on 2nd May 2011. This is the turning point for Pak-US relations. Before this date, Pakistan denied forcefully that Osama was not in Pakistan. Finding Osama in Abbottabad made each and every American Pakistan’s enemy in the light of 9/11. Americans’ anger was at peak against Pakistan hearing his killing in Pakistan. They celebrated his killing as they won a great war. It was viewed that Pakistan was abetting and supporting terrorists attacking them on one hand and vehemently denying this on other hand. When citizens’ mood is dead against the Pakistan, politically it is not possible for US political bosses to keep it as ally in SA.
A key American lawmaker from Texas has introduced a resolution in the House of Representative to freeze all US aid to Pakistan. The House Resolution (No HR 3013) if passed will freeze all US aid to Pakistan with the exception of funds that are designated to help secure nuclear weapons.
"Since the discovery of Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad, Pakistan has proven to be disloyal, deceptive and a danger to the United States," Congressman Ted Poe said in a statement after tabling the resolution in the House on Friday.
"This so-called ally continues to take billions in US aid, while at the same time supports the militants who attack us. Pakistan has made it "painfully obvious" that they will continue their policy of "duplicity and deceit" by pretending to be US ally in the war on terror while simultaneously promoting violent extremism, the Congressman said.
Obama is the best political marketer worldwide as on date. Sensing citizen’s mood, he started acting against Pakistan. Now terror is a big problem for US. Terrorists give call for attacking US time to time. To reduce this danger, they need a safe and reliable partner in this region. In view of all circumstances, India fits in the block the best.
Three, loss of strategic importance of Pakistan: Pakistan was built up as a spoiler state both by US (early 50s, 60s, and 70s) and by China immediately after 1962 border debacle in NEFA and Ladhakh with India. Pakistan’s strategic importance was very much enhanced in early 50s when US looking for a base to fly the U-2 over USSR found the perfect base in Pehawar to sneak into the USSR from south and fly over vitally important USSR’s space station and strategic missile bases which were far away from the USSR’s European borders. This relationship ended with the shooting down of the U-2 spy plane by USSR. Peshawar, Sarghodha, Rawalpindi ceased to be important military bases to US as these were before the U-2 shooting down.
US focused to exploit Pakistan’s peculiar geography to keep control over the Muslim world of Pakistan itself, Afghanistan, Iran, Gulf region (with huge Pakistani √©migr√© workers), Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan etc. Pakistanis are delighted with the newly found role at the behest of US. They have thrown their lot behind US. Firstly economic and military aid is flowing back again.
US used to control Taliban and Al-Qaeda and other terrorists’ outfits from the Pak Land. Now with fixing time line for withdrawal of US forces from July 2011, new equations are bound to arise. Afghanistan doesn’t treat Pak as friend. For them, India is more reliable than Pak. India too has its own problem to side with Afghanistan. If Pak will gain ground in Afghanistan, it may use this position to fight invisible war against India. To remove this possibility, India is ahead to have a good relation with Afghanistan. US have a morale duty to see peace after their handing over of power to Afghanistan government. On this count, US can’t believe Pakistan over India. Hence it is promoting India to take its place which is in India favor too and play a bigger role there.
Getting Osama in Pak and withdrawal of forces from Afghanistan started in July 2011 are two major immediate reasons for strategic importance loss for Pakistan. It is all part of political marketing of Obama for repetition in 2012. US Citizens are against Pak emotionally with finding and killing of Osama. To harness this public feelings politically, political actors are hard pressed to show that they are against Pakistan. Breaking alliance is a part of this game.
Families are waiting for long to bring their near and dear back at home working in Afghanistan. America's most senior commander, Admiral Mike Mullen, described the troop withdrawals from Afghanistan, announced by Barack Obama, as risky. Inspite of this opposition, Obama announced withdrawal from July 2011. Why so because this will help in winning elections in 2012. Families whose members are away for long will please them and they will support him. This action will cut expenditure on incurring on war. Thus, it will improve economy. This decision is also based on political marketing.
Breaking long ties with Pakistan is not as easy as it looks for US. Exposed military and ISI domination and their nexus with terrorist outfits are the troubling point for Pakistan government. Pak has well organized lobbyist inside and outside the US government. To put all these paid actors in reverse mode will take some time. They will try their best to keep it in order to continue their job in order to save their livelihood.
US President Barack Obama, in an unusual criticism of Pakistan's continued flirtation with jihadi groups, told Islamabad to cut its links with "unsavoury characters". Given that Obama had not yet weighed in on Pakistan, after Admiral Mike Mullen publicly described the Haqqanis as an arm of the ISI, his remarks can be a source of comfort to India. It may also mark a tipping point in the US approach to Pakistan. The presidential opinion coincided with the visit of US special envoy Marc Grossman to Pakistan. Afghanistan contextually should emerge in the strategic calculus of the United States as the ‘center of gravity’ in American policies displacing Pakistan Army which has miserably let down the United States.
But political compulsions of Obama are above all. This is the reason Obama clarified and indicated his views and plan for south Asia. 2012 US election is critical for both Obama and Pakistan. It is this which causing to break ties with immediate effect.
Four, containment of growing China: One of the big worries Americans have about China's rising economic power concerns its immense holdings of U.S. government debt. The fear is that Chinese actions regarding these holdings could end up destabilizing the U.S. economy, or that they could be used as a political tool to influence American policy. If China, let's say, got angry at Washington over its support for Taiwan or the Dalai Lama, Beijing could retaliate by dumping U.S. Treasury bills. Or perhaps China would sell Treasuries as part of a no-confidence vote on the future of the U.S. economy. By selling American debt, China would weaken the value of the dollar, damage investor sentiment towards the U.S. economy and make it harder for Washington to finance its giant budget deficits.
There is no question that China’s recent explosive economic advances are of new concern to Americans with our ever-mounting bilateral trade deficit (which has exceeded $200 billion every year since 2005) coupled with China’s continued dominance as the number one holder of U.S. Treasury securities and its $2.4 trillion in foreign currency and gold reserves. This erosion of our economic position in the world, and the concomitant loss of manufacturing jobs, blamed by many on China, has only added to the rising tensions between our two nations. China’s recent actions in the South China Sea and Beijing’s refusal to join the rest of the world in trying to contain North Korea’s nuclear program and Pyongyang’s aggression towards South Korea are further stress points.

The new China now presents itself as an alternative center of power, and financial largesse, to the United States—and has the resources to back it up. Having flexed its muscles to reinforce this new position, Beijing sought to allay growing fears that China’s
success might pose either an economic or military threat with the establishment in 2005 of the ‘‘Peaceful Rise of China’’ Public Diplomacy campaign. China’s successful implementation of this campaign in playing down the possible negative consequences of China’s ever-increasing dominance was illustrated in President Obama’s response to a question during the recent 2010 state visit by President Hu, ‘‘I absolutely believe that China’s peaceful rise is good for the world, and it’s good for America.
After collapse of USSR,in unipolar era, USA contained India with and through having an alliance with Pakistan. Now fast growing China is a bigger threat to US than India. Hence, USA is trying to use India’s soulder and space like Pakistan to check the growth of China. This concern of USA has expedited the process of changing allies in SA. Diplomatic boundaries among different countries in SA are galloping to reach to some new stable ground.
Now China is a great danger for its super power status. With growing economy of China, it is able to enhance its clout worldwide. The biggest problem, the US facing, is how to save its worldwide supreme position. To contain growing power of China, US as per its habit will use someone’s shoulder and space. In SA, the most suitable ally- not partner- will be India.
Finally, it is most probable that in new diplomatic settlement in SA, USA, Afghanistan and India will be in same boat. While Pakistan and China will swim together in an other boat of SA diplomatic ocean. Here department of diplomatic affairs of United Nations needs to assist countries in SA in bringing new diplomatic stabilities amicably.
US president Obama is trying his best to regain power in 2012. He is trying to get voters to his side by International diplomacy in South Asia through his best social and political marketing skill of proven record as he is also known as internet president.
(Views are personal and based on different sources)

Heera Lal


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Public, the 5th Pillar of India democracy

Public, the 5th Pillar of India democracy
Broadly we can say Anna agitation has two consequences:
1. Proved public is master and leaders are servant.
2. Mass leaders are more effective than elected representative i.e. mass opinion of public leaders is stronger than mandate of political representative.
3. What are the main differences between a public leader and a public representative?
In our constitution, we talk about three main pillars-Legislature, judiciary and executive. In addition, we treat free press/media as fourth pillar. Public who is the market for all four was in back as base. Public as base gives power to all to discharge some mandate. The distortion in assign mandate is more than tolerance capacity. Hence, public came out from base and took the shape of fifth pillar of democracy to show its strength.
Legislature is supreme among all five pillars being law makers. Constitution entrust it to frame welfare laws to run country smoothly in forward direction. But actions of our representatives are not satisfying the public. After election, they disregard public demand and opinion. And they are engaged more in self benefiting actions or no action. This affects citizens badly. In absence of needed law due to non performance of legislature, they suffer from different angles. Productivity of parliament has gone down. Recent corruptions highlighted their negative acts to intolerable limit of public.
Executive didn’t discharge their duties up to public expectations and as mandated by laws. Inactions and their corruptions corroded Indian steel frame and made this pillar very weak. Assessing this weak situation, our polity collaborated with this wing. Executive couldn’t refuse the association being weak and fear to be exposed by political class. Now in corruption, polity and executive are two sides of a coin. These two pillars did all big scams in partnership. One gets entry through selection to work up till the age of 60 while other through election for fixed five years tenure. An independent agency of Hang Kang conducted a survey of 13 Asian countries recently. It found India’s bureaucracy the worst and topper from bottom.
Fixed tenure of polity and executive and reduced accountability/transparency changed their mind set from servant mode to master mode. This change of mind set proved very dangerous to general pubic. Partnership reduced actions against corrupt activities to almost zero. No action boosted the corrupt practices among both. Slowly and slowly polity dominated and now has the lion share in corrupt produce. Weak executive couldn’t prevent the polity from taking the dominant position in corruption and its enhancing. Frequent transfer, workless and unimportant posting are other tools in hands of political bosses to bring executive to compromising point.
Fed up with polity and executive, pubic approached judiciary to get relief. Though general impression of judiciary is not better than these two at lower level, but top judiciary enjoys better public confidence. A few Supreme Court (SC) judges took a lead and started giving quality judgments. A step ahead, they monitored the implementation of their orders. By this procedure, SC compelled government to take proper actions. Actions helped in saving the hope of public. Recent judgments improved image of judiciary.
Free media as fourth pillar of our democracy has a very important role to play. More or less they are enjoying better reputation than others. Though, it is not criticism free. But by and large, it doing good job currently. Media is also suffering from the corrupt practice of the partnership firm of polity and executive. They alone are not in a position to challenge the partners. To challenge them, they need some good partners. Among all, they found the public and civil society their best friends. They associated with them and become partner in crusade against corruption.
Elected representative doesn’t give proper heed to public opinion once elected. Alone none is capable enough to fight and break the nexus of executive and politicians. Public Private Partnership (PPP) model helped them. This model is even promoted by United Nations. PPP model gives role to the societies to play in all walks of life. Government is reducing its role and shifting it to civil societies. It is associating with civil societies in almost all departments. Public and civil societies together started taking relief with the help of media and judiciary. Media highlighted the corrupt practice and judiciary gave the relief. Gradually civil societies snatched the politician’s ground of providing relief to public.
Public, civil society in association with media took some public issue to settle it. Centre for Public Interest litigation is a good example in proof. This center through judicial recourses compelled government to act to benefit the masses. Baba Ram through his Swabhiman trust took up black money issue and popularized it. Government took many steps in public pressure, after and during his agitation. Baba Ram Deo’s mass support and its pressure jolted the mandated political class. Civil societies are taking their ground and their mass supports are snatching their mandated power. Baba made a start. Annoyed government tried to suppress him with their mighty power. To some extent it is successful due to mishandling and lack of experience of Baba.
Anna an experienced social actor and leader along with its team took up the corruption issue. During his protest in April 2011, government made his team partner in drafting under public pressure. But, after a few meetings they divorced. Government representative did mistake in calculating his mass support. They administered same medicine tried with Baba. This didn’t work. Anna declared his agitation as second national movement to liberate the country from corruption. This helps in associating public emotionally with his movement. Media supported him beyond limit. This action of media annoyed political sector. These public and civil societies acted as fifth pillar of our democracy to decide the roles for representative.
Effective judicial actions, media publicity and civil societies mass catching issues, together, have created a history- Anna agitation. Government realized its mistake. It brought a resolution same day in after noon which was not proposed in the morning. This is done to meet mass demand. Elected representative passed it unanimously under the pressure of mass leader Anna unwillingly and send it to standing committee related to it. Here public shows they are with mass leader and not with their representative to whom they elected. Public set a norm by making mass leader stronger than elected representative. This has not been done earlier since 1947.
This jolted political actors in India. It compelled them to think about their wrongdoings. Hence it will result in to self corrective actions. This is a good precedent for the other democratic countries worldwide. Elected representative and selected executive are forced to think about their real role of services-servant role. It is all probable, they will think to discard their disguised role of master. Anna, a symbol of public, took master role and directed the public servants to pass a resolution which is in the favor of the country. And they did it first time. In past they didn’t, treating themselves master. Treating themselves master, they never give due regard to real master-public opinion. Thus this agitation is unique as it proved that public is the real master on ground. None can usurp this role with them.
Our elected political actors are representative first from public angle that elect them. For them, they are representative first and leaders latter. Social actors are leaders only for the public. They provide lead to their causes in different forums. The hair difference between leaders and representative is very important. Representative must give due regard to their need and opinion. They must act accordingly. They must serve the public by giving voice to their will in law making places. Leaders have slightly different role. They provide lead to their causes. For leaders unlimited area while for representative their services are limited to their constituency only.
Might and arrogance of government can’t subside easily. They would try to show their might like Baba Ram Deo- may be in disguise. They may try to revenge judiciary, media and civil societies. Some media reports indicate towards this. But any such move will be counter productive. India being a democratic country, the mass opinion of public is supreme. Any move against this, in the age communication revolution, will be a suicidal step politically.
(Views are personal and based on many sources)
Heera Lal

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Political marketing of Narendra Modi, Chief Minister of Gujarat

Political marketing of Narendra Modi, Chief Minister of Gujarat, Indida:

In general we follow 4Ps in commercial marketing.

1. Political Product: Narendra Modi as CM of good governance. There are two products which he is marketing as political product: his personality and good governance.
2. Price: If he will be voted to power as PM- just for the sake of saying, he will progress the country like Gujarat. He is offering his service to the nation in exchange of vote. He has proved his services in Gujarat as CM. Hence product reliability and quality are there.
And it will sustain in the market. His good governance is established and recognized by the society.
3. Place: His place of transaction is Gujarat now. He is now trying to promote his political product for other places of the country. Now he is aiming whole country as place of exchange and to position his product.
4. Promotion: His fast of three days started form 17 September 2011 is his promotional activity for selling his political product at national level.
When I compare his style of functioning and managing the political affair, I found many similarities with the US President Barack Obama. Just a few are:
1. Both are well read and having in depth knowledge of political sector.
2. Both are ICT savvy and using its beauty for the benefit of the society in good governance as modern tool.
3. Both are having bigger personality than their party.
4. Obama was having a big obstacle in the form Hillary. Likewise he is having here Advani.
5. Both are having authoritative and decisive personality.
6. Both are good orators and famous for their effective speeches.
7. Public see both as change agents.
8. Both are self-made.
Now seeing the situation and time period for next election, he will be able to carry forward his candidature for the post of PM. He is having problem with his universal acceptability. Riots in Gujarat are blots with him. Now he is focusing to remove that with full vigor. The way he is trying to get rid of this, there is all probability to get success- seeing his management capability and being a self-made man.
Above all he is now the best symbolic, mass and popular leader of his party. His competitors in party-L K Advani, Sushma Swaraj, Arun Jaitely, Nitin Gadkari- are not having all three required quality together. Here he is having edge over other colleagues in the party. He is a performer along with Lalu Prasad quality that is he is able to promote himself. He knows the tricks how to sell the political products and its timing.
There are two alliances in the country. One is led by congress and the other by BJP. If he will be able to get the party ticket from the party then he will have to appear in the test of alliance-in case of shortage of majority. This is very difficult.

The biggest outsider competitor is Bihar CM Nitish Kumar. No doubt the acceptability and performance of Kumar is better than Modi on many counts. But party strength wise not comparable. Modi has to work hard on two fronts together. He needs to enhance his acceptability in public and NDA allies.
His 3 day fast is a well chalk out plan to start on these two front. Wooing Muslims through their grater participation is the first strategy. The Muslim participation is up to the expected level. And greater participation of allies is second steps planned. TN Chief Minister sends her representative and CM Punjab participated. He is successful in his mission.
All circumstances in view and his growing personality, I am for sure, he is next Atal Bajpai of BJP. It is a matter of time only. He is trying to position his candidature for PM by applying all concepts of commercial marketing with help of ICT tools.

(Views are personal and based on many sources)

Heera Lal

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Land Bill of 1894 in house after 117 years.

It is true that if RG would have not taken it, it would have not moved an inch like past. It is a bill enacted in 1894 and since then remains same for last 117 years. But question is why it is now and not before. Country freed in 1947. What compelled congress to wait since 1947 till now for this amendment. Except a full term of Atal, congress ruled the country after independence. So, in blame game sharing, 90% share of blame goes to congress.
We must thanked RG and Jairam too for his good intended actions. If good actions will not be applauded, it will die- a dangerous situation will come very soon. We must praise all good steps and actions of anyone without political marketing.
If it will be passed, this will be the first big achievement of RG as leader. This will be a political product which he can market in future.

Reforms to the rescue

Very nice article but you are talking only one side of the story. It’s fine to resort economic reform in 1991. It brought fruits to the country and helped in reducing corruption. Is there any fiscal reform without its negative effect? Its simple answer is “No”. In every economic reform, we evaluate both the sides and tried to minimize the negative one.
Why, then FM and now PM, didn’t perceived the ill effects of growing corruption along with growing economy after 1991.
Why he didn’t take appropriate steps to reduce this by product- corruption- by legislating acts to retard the growth of this future graft in parallel with GDP. LokPal may be an act to say which is pending long before 1991.
Why he ignored demerit (expected corruption growth as by product of reform) and talking only about merits (high GDP). This proves flaws in reform and skewed one. Being a world renowned economist,he can’t blame anyone for this. He has to take this blame in right spirit and take corrective measure to rectify this mistake which done in 1991.
Agreed to your proposal that he should continue reforms. And the wish of public in symbolic Anna should get due respect. Political reform must be on the top of agenda to avoid any further long agitation. This is the next agenda point of Anna team as they announced.

No other govt has shown more will to fight corruption

It is very hard to agree with your pleas. What is the meaning of no other government? Which party ruled India 90% of the time, after 1947? Except a full term of Atal, congress ruled the country after independence all along.
After 1947, some intermittent interval came to refresh congress rule. If we divide the credit to develop corruption among governments as you said, 90% share is yours. And rest 10% is of Atal, Deovogowda, Inder Gujral, Charn Singh etc- Other governments in your language. Hence accusing others didn’t convince like your general oratory.
RTI act was passed after a long battle of more than 10 years started by Aruna Roy in Rajsthan. Congress passed it when no option was left. It tried to delay it to the extant possible. If Corruption is harming all, then why Lokpal is kept pending for last 43 years. For sure, now you will clear this pendency as no other way out to delay it- in view of Anna shadow and do or die.
Corruption, in our supreme pillar of democracy, is rampant. For the first time, you mentioned about political reform in this write-up- seeing the announcement of Anna team as their next issue after Lokpal. Why congress didn’t give heed to this very urgent issue. Albeit, ADR and ECI in tandem spearheading for this reform and lobbying hard for long.
Now, a good chance is there for this reform to see the light of day. Why? Its answer is very easy to find. You are not going to take it willingly. Anna team has announced it as next agenda after Lokpal. In view of perceive heat of Anna, a beginning has been made by you.
All above- a few from a long list- prove otherwise what you said.
Congress’ established formula Talk-and-Walk days has gone long back. Please follow the new Walk-then-Talk, like Bihar to regain public faith as you desire in this article.
Thanks to accept reality.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Anty-Anna and Their Plea

Anty-Anna and Their Plea

Anty- Anna folks from all sectors pleaded:

1. Parliament is supreme. It can’t and should not be subverted.
2. None can dictate our sacrosanct parliament.
3. No time tagging is possible with it in making laws.
4. Anna’s act will weaken our well cherished democracy.

No doubt pleas are emotional in nature. No true Indian will allow above. Atleast, I will not allow at any cost.
Above all is possible only when, Our Parliament enjoys public’s strong faith? Maintaining and increasing faith in parliament is the basic duty of its members. Now question is whether the acts (baring some) of our leaders inside and outside it are helping in increasing the public faith in it. Some acts to highlight the dwindling public faith in parliament are:

1. MPs fund increased from 2 Cr to 5 without any opposition unanimously within hours. Performance of this fund is in public domain. Literature on this recommends reverse action.
2. LokPal bill running pillar to post from 1968 which is meat to clean corruption from public life.
3. Political reform bill is utmost needed to clean money power and criminals from politics and to bring real democracy in our political sector who rules the country. ADR and ECI are spear heading like Anna team to make it a reality. A big Demand is already in the market for it. Yet no step is in site to full fill this public desire. Women reservation bill, administrative reform bill are some glaring example to mention from a long list.
4. Vote-for-cash incident and cancellation of membership of 11MPs by then speaker Somnath Chaterjee are some real aspects of the acts.
5. Down going productivity of parliament in making required public welfare laws.
6. To save democracy situation compelled praiseworthy acts of Judiciary and CAG.
7. Recent incidents of CAG, 2G are some from a long list.
8. Ministers, MPs and top babus are in jail.
Do above acts have helped in increasing public faith in parliament? No, these and a lot more acts of our political actors have created a big distrust. Public have lost hope and faith in their political bosses. Hence, reduction in their faith in parliament due to unexpected acts done by its members.
Public wanted to recoup this lost faith. They found that in Anna team. To restore faith in democracy and trust in political class, our political sector need to adopt change in their acts and ways- leaving inertia and master mentality aside. Only preaching as good orator is not going to help them. Their acts must match their preaching. Now they can’t run their self business in the name of parliament as anty-Anna folk did.
Public is fed-up and not ready to allow leaders to act like what they are doing now in the name of saving democracy and parliament supremacy. ICT has made public socially awakened and now they are well read in Open University of the society with help of modern technology. They are now able to read between the lines to save themselves from the tarps of our so called social leaders as political bosses. Anty-Anna people instead of reforming Anna team, they should preach our double-speak political class to mend their acts as per the public expectation and desire of the parliament.
Anna gave a start to this through his 13 days protest on JanLokpal bill. Santosh Hegde correctly said so far foundation laying is done. Government and political actors are not willing to budge even an inch to meet this popular demand. But public support and their huge pressure brought them on knee. Government U-turn decisions in a day. They passed unwillingly a unanimous resolution on all three issued proposed by Anna team.
In between Rahul Gandhi tried to give a bigger picture of Janlokpal- an improved version of it. He proposed that lokpal should have a statuary status like ECI, CAG during his statement in parliament. In addition, he also emphasized that many more acts would require to eradicate it or to minimize to a greater extent. Though his intention was nice and his proposal was better than JanLokPal. But in charged atmosphere against government and congress, his idea evaporated. None give heed to it.
His idea was perceived as delay tactics and to divert attention form this issue- seeing the adamant position to adopt Janlokpal. Kiran Bedi reacted on this, before climbing Everest, one should first climb hills. Both Anna team and Rahul are correct at their places. Anna completed his job by climbing hills. Now it is turn for the Congress to achieve Rahul’s picture by bringing an amendment bill to give it a status akin to ECI. For this a special secession may be conveyed. I think Rahul should make effort to realize his proposal to recover the losses done due to Anna episode.

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Anna’s social marketing company and his Inclusive movement

Mohan Das Karma Chand Gandhi experimented a price less weapon of non-violence to free the country from foreign rule. In this no financial cost is required to purchase this. British ruler did utmost atrocities, discriminations with Indians. Hence, they suffered a lot and did not live free and happy life.
Indians were seething under anger. The main causes of this were misrule and divide & rule policy of its administrator. To get rid of all such grave sufferings, Indians started searching its solution. Freeing the country form foreign rule was the most widely accepted solution- Independence. This would end British rule and thus its atrocities.
Citizens would be able to enact their own rules and regulations as per their need. They would form their won government. Hence, their solution lies in a single word “Independence” which would serve the nations purpose. Gandhiji sensing these woes of citizens at all level started connecting them to the social product Independence. And public connected willingly as it was their need to end continuous suffering on them.
He joined public with Independence and carried movement in his own supervision. Finally, he succeeded through his pious goal (social product) Independence and means non-violence protest. He led and ran an inclusive movement. Public from all levels and places participated in it without any hindrance. They associated emotionally, mentally, physically and financially to achieve their goals through Gandhiji and his team. To have a successful movement, all such elements are needed.
After independence in 1947, economic growth was very low- known as Hindu growth rate. This slow pace of Indian economy landed it in worst economic crisis in 1991. It is felt that our closed economy is not facing any competition. Hence, it weakens and without strength. To bring out of this, Government of India decided to open it keeping in view the case of China. China being a communist company opened its door in 1980s, ten years ahead of India to foreign investors.
After this drastic U-Turn in economic policy, Indians growth rate starts picking up. Between 1947 and 1991, the economic offences were not that grave- being low GDP rate. Hence exiting law were- we can say- effective to curb and control the economic related crimes. But after adoption of economic policy reform, economy grew and brought benefits to the country.
Along with that it brought its side effects too. These sides’ effects in the form of economic offences grew in absence of tough laws to check it. Existing weak and irrelevant laws and lack of political will made the things worst with the passes of time. It spreads its effect in all walks of life. Now corruption at top level is rampant. This took public in grip and hurting them everyday in some forms. This affects the youths the most.
In paucity of effective and relevant laws, economic related offences as side effect of opening of it and corruption become insurmountable. It started hitting and harassing public in different ways frequently. Hence public woes become unbearable and intolerable. Now rampant corruption at all levels has wide coverage and reached each and every corner of the country having its link aboard also.
Like Gandhi, sensing the pain of the public, Anna Hazare – a staunch Gandhian supporter and non violence practicenor- took up this issues first at state level. He experimented it in his state of Maharastra and got success. After mastery over it, he formed a social company at national level with following details:
Name of the social company: India Against Corruption
(It has branch all over the country and aboard)
Objective: Freeing India from corruption.
Product: Corruption
Office organization:
Anna Hazare: Chairman cum Managing Director
Head finanace: Arvind Kejriwal- former revenue officer
Head Leagal: Prasant Bhusan- Practicing leading lawyer of SC
Head Admin: Kiran Bedi- Retired but not tired renowned police officer.
Head CSR- Swami Agnivesh- spearheading social casuses.
Executive Committee members: Santosh Hegde, Shashi Bhushan.

They have energetic, well read, educated and dedicated young in their offices. They are laden with modern tool and technology. Above all, they are passionate. And they are supplementing the experiences of oldies in team to bring the desired fruits. A few to name are: Manish Sisodiya, Kumar Visvas, Akhil Gagoi, Arvind Gaur, Suresh Pathare, Dada Bhau laxman Pather, Nitin Davar, Raj Gopal, Mr. Awasthi Murlidharan, Rajendra Singh, Gaurv Baxi, Neeraj kumar etc.

This social corporate lead by Anna-as narayana murthy led infosys- is highly rich in experience. Moreover they have required level of maturity.
Learing from Mahatam Gandhi, They took up social issue of “CorruptioN” affecting and hitting every Indians everyday in some forms- utmost in demand. Now they set to sell their social product CorruptioN- supply side. Their product name is “CorruptioN” like Gandhiji “Independence”. Their market is Indians and its area is India.
The mistakes committed by government of India and Congress one after the other in tackling the issue brought this social company into profit overnight. For this, major credit go to- as per the prevailing public mood and reactions- PM and his team Sri Kapil Sibal, P. Chidambarm, Diggi Raja and Mainsh Tiwariji. The more they acted against Anna team the more promotion of the product CorruptioN got ground and became more visible.
Miscalculating Anna made problem the worst. He sat on protest on 4th April at Jantar Mantar. He received overwhelming unconditional public support. This brought government on knee and they accepted their demand by including them in draft committee. This make CorruptioN product more visible and proved its utmost demand in Indian market.
After this Baba Ram Deo took up issue who was making its ground for many years. He changed the name of the product- Black Money. He enjoyed public faith and confidence on this issue. He sat on a peaceful protest on 6th June 2011 at Ram Lilla ground in Delhi. Government cracked on him in mid night to teach him a lesson, ignoring the support to his issue.
Actions started against him and his associates through CBI and Ed, sent a signal of revenge acts. This further annoyed public. Public receives a message that government is not acting against the corruption but against those who will oppose it. This act of government helped in enhancing the anger of the general masses. But immature actions and lack of experience didn’t bring the desired and stipulated results to Baba, but it played the role of backbone in whole episode. Sad part is that Baba has to come on back foot. And his coming back is a loss in nation making. Government saw their victory and some relief in retarding Baba’s speed on these issues. But they fail to visualize the loss which incurred by annoying public through him.
GoI encouraged by Baba’s retardation case, they administered same medicine to Anna. They deceived them by denouncing their draft. Further, by not allowing him to fast from 16th of Augest, they hit hard public mood again against themselves. Arresting Anna in the morning of 16th August is a act like setting jungle on fire. Public anger reached at peak.
Cong spokesperson Manish Tiwari’s direct comment to Anna in abusive language keeping all etiquettes of public life aside acted like pouring petrol in fire. It boomed public outrage and opposition got an issue to let down the congress for political economy.
On a US advisory, Cong tried to divert attention by showing it a US supported agitation to fizzle it out. This strategy fired back and congress came on back foot over this issue. This political move didn’t work, instead harmed. This was a prevailing policy of the ruling party in the past to hide their sins to divert them in the name of foreign hand. This political weapon of past is blunt now.
On 20th August another mistake, they brought NAC associates and Madam Sonia’s confident Esteemed Aruna Roy before public. Whatever she said to dilute the Anna issue, public didn’t take even notice. She could not
help as designed but she suffered an image loss like our PM. Aruna Roy flew in the strom(Andhi) of Anna. This planting also didn’t work. Albeit, it harmed.
All above actions of government time to time tarnished its image
and simultaneously helped Anna’s social company in its product promotion. There is a big question which needs serious attentions. Why such stupid actions/ steps on government part. Is there any internal politics or diplomacy of ruling party? There are some rumors in public to support this- Young vs Oldies- to block ways to young.
Government and civil society started separately. Then they came together to draft. Again separate, due to deceiving of government. Now every Indian is supporting Anna with an aim to positive results. To achieve this, we need to bring them along. PM team is so far at fiasco to bring the desired results. Even if they suppress the movement with their might, it will go against their political economy.
News came that Rahul Gandhi intervened and secured release of Anna from Tihar jail. It, no doubt, was a damage control move and it helped Rahul himself more than party. He needs to intervene again. This issue can’t be set in reverse gear. So its solution lies in forward actions.
He should come in picture and convince his oldies to send Janloakpal bill to committee after cabinet approval. He can club Roys’ draft. Pursue committee to expedite the process treating it as emergency case seeing the public mood and demand. Bringing PM and keeping Judiciary out may be an option to reckon with. This may be coined as defeat by oppositions. But your win is embedded in this defeat. So, this is the right time to embrace this so called defeat without further loss. Otherwise, if time will go out of hand, you will be only looser and repenter.
Anna’s newly formed social company with its intellectual team- using modern concept, tools and technology of marketing- is trying to promote its brand action against“ CrruptioN”. They are applying 4P of marketing to achieve social ends. Unanimous support from all walks of life and endorsement of celebrities have proved that commercial marketing is working fully on social marketing. God bless Anna and his team for serving the nation in liberating it from corruption.
(Views are personal and based on different sources. Writer is a Ph.D. Aspirant with social and political marketing topic. )

Heera Lal

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Dwindling Faith in Democracy

Dwindling faith in democracy is a worldwide problem. This is weakening our democratic institutions which are strong pillar of public faith. Now countries need to learn lessons and set this trend in reverse gear to maintain worlds’ law and order. Election of Obama- a black African American- is a good example to quote in its support. Decreasing faith in political actors- and in political institutions- made him President.
Americans wanted to teach the political bosses a lesson. Recent grave economic crisis of US to avoid default on payment on 6th August 2011 is a serious point to be noted. The latest riots in UK (started on 9th Aug 2011) are second in row. The ongoing uproar in India on corruption and black money is a supporting fact of reducing faith in democracy. India needs to take lessons out of these and act accordingly to materialize its dream of to be a developed country by 2020 by former president APJ.
Latest deep economic crisis of US looks like this. But it is not. In fact, it is a political crisis. This is a result of false supremacy, manipulated political decisions and ego. They are consuming undue and living lavishly life on debt bond. On this problem, USSR Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said Americans are parasite on global economy. To super imposed egoistic supremacy on the nations, US fought unwanted wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Such politically motivated actions landed the world super power in deep irreversible economic mire.
The permanent solutions of this can be possible by behavioral change. Changing social thoughts and actions are not easy. This is what Obama is saying, trying and focusing to set his house in order. Rather than playing the role of Chaudhary worldwide. To achieve this he is making efforts by applying all modern tools and technology of social marketing. Social change is a time taking process. Hence, he will not be able to see its fruits of his initiative, even after at the end of his second term- if he gets me sure of it.
Americans now need to lead an austere life like Obama. He is taking the blame of debt crisis which is a bad political product of Mr. Bush. It is his austerity that he is taking responsibility and defame for which he in nowhere accountable. His consensus style of functioning is a big weapon in his hand. And second time, he will re-elect on this quality in 2012.
Obama is trying to mend Americans to leave false supremacy and embrace reality of life. So that US should avoid USSR like dismantling of the country. He will succeed in his this mission being capable to drive the country on such a U- turn path. But not will reap its result as president in 2016- assuming his reelection.
The dwindling faith in democratic institutions and political actors gave chance to Obama. And first time in US history a black African American became the most powerful man of the world. He defeated none other than Hilliary who used to be the first lady for eight years. This proves great erosion of public faith in social organizations. This U-turn in US politics is strong signal for other democratic countries- UK, India.
Recent riot, loot, arson and ablaze on August 9, 2011 in UK reduced “Great Britain” to just Britain. How sudden such well planned man made disaster catches wide area is a dangerous fact to ponder. The ugliest part is that the most civilized and powerful Great Britain was not able to contain the spread in time. Instead it broke out into many other cities. Result was so strong that overnight great title evaporated. This is another red signal for nations having firm belief in democracy. Reducing faith in democracy will give such glaring and grave result time and again.
Unwise political decisions, bad governance and false supremacy have lowered the image of the US and UK. These problems are caution signals and wake-up calls to India. The ongoing movement against corruption and black money is coined as second movement to liberate India form corruption after 1947. Anna Hazare is living in a 10x10 meter room in Ralegan Siddhi of Maharastra province. He is getting overwhelming public support. This is due to lessening belief in political institutions. It will finally land us in big and irreversible mire if not taken steps to correct it the earliest.
The most damaging aspect is that government and political actors are not supporting the good causes. Instead in retaliation, they are making an all out efforts to thwart their endeavor. Further more, they are criticizing judiciary by saying over judicial activisms and over reach. Judiciary has enhanced their effort to implement their orders to send justice to its end. This judicial action can’t term as over reach or over activism. It is the basic duty which judiciary must ensure. Following basic duty is not favorable to government and politicians. Hence judiciary is attracting the wrath of affected political actors.
The comptroller and auditor general (CAG) is also under attach like judiciary on over reach account by same class who grossly lacks in discharging their duties. The constitution of India entrust CAG two duties to discharge- One as auditor and the other as controller. Unfortunately our past CAG acted more as auditor but less as controller. They didn’t discharge their duties as per the desire of our constitution. Present CAG Mr. Vinod Rai is discharging complete duty. He is doing both auditing and controlling functions effectively. Doing complete duty is happy news for Indians, but he is getting wrath in lieu of praise from same class. However public is seeing CAG as ray of hope to save the country from going to be ruined. And CAG esteem has risen very high in past few months.
India is famous for its unity among diversity. The binding bond is made-up of thread of faith in democratic organs. The recent public uproar on corruption and black money made it visible. These two issues are now talks of the town. Thanks to Anna and Baba for their patriotism act- by raising these issue without caring the consequences. They act as vent to release public resentment. Both are criticized and their efforts are thwarted by political class.
Many moves are made to implicate them to demoralize. Intensive investigations are on against both. Baba is under scanner and a FIR is lodged against Bal Krishna. This is all done after their agitation at Delhi. Why not all such actions before that, this proves it as revenge acts. Not giving permission to Anna for Gandhian style protest is show callous attitude of the ruler. It shows they are protector of corrupt practice. Such thoughts and actions will further decrease the public belief in democratic institutions. And finally, we Indian will also land in mire like US and UK.
To avoid such situation, we must take lessons from these two big democracies of the world and support the public causes of social activists Anna and likes. There is a famous saying “hate the sin but not sinner”. Likewise we must support their good causes if not them. If this will not be done, our dream to be a developed nation by 2020- by APJ former president- will be a nightmare. And it will affect Indians first and global public at large.
Congress is doing a historical mistake. This mistaken loss is irrecoverable. Congress is trying to find out political solution of issues raised by Anna and Baba. The mistakes lie here. Issues raised by duo are not political one. Both are not having any political ambitions. No doubt they are having sympathy of oppositions like public, but there is no symptom of intimate political game plan against the government. If it would have been they would have contested some elections. Dealing these issues politically will decrease public rating of congress. Congress already downgraded from AAA (UPA-1) to AA(UPA-2).
Still time is there for congress to take corrective actions. The current uproars are a public movement- not a political issue. Though it seems like that. This movement has strength of misgivings and bad governance of last 64 years. Congress needs to structural surgery to fizzle out this movement as they are doing in land acquisition. Congress must take lead to liberate the country from corruption to show its intentions to convince public.

(Views are personal)


Monday, August 1, 2011

This is not a matter of size

Author Medha Nanlvadekar has proved her case mathematically. She suggests an alternative solution for women�s reservation bill which is pending for 15 years. Her formula to make each constituency dual-representative- one man and one woman- is not feasible. On this issue our polity is just showing that they believe in gender equality. So that they can lecture on occasions and take their votes. As per reservation bill 181 men MP has to be replaced by women. Is it looks feasible in our country by our politicians? I think not. We need to search answer of why. Do we think that our political actors do anything which harms them directly or indirectly in anyway? To prove this point, political reform bill is a good example. ( blogs in It is not even in agenda expect discussion. The efforts of ADR and CEC of India are of no gain. Women bill needs highlighting movement. It needs some social worker like Baba Ram Deo and Anna to take up this issue. Baba made Corruption and Anna made Lokpal big social products. They are auctioning it to political parties in India. Lokpal was pending for last 42 years. But it is going to be placed before parliament. The names of black money owner will be announced by the end of this year- says GoI. Theatrically, this is a good solution but feasibly it is not. So, it is a ruled out now. We do have many women social actor who have done exemplary work. Aruna Roy and recently magsaysay awardee Neeliam Mishra of Pune are a few examples among many. We need to develop a team like Anna to raise and take this issue to logical end. Once it will become the public issue from political issue, then authors suggestion can be discussed on table as an option. From the article, amply evident author�s in-depth concern for this issue. She needs to translate this concern into reality by setting the ball rolling. She must facilitate formation of an org to spearhead this by including all sector top women managers- CEO, social workers etc. There should not be any bar to men if wish to work by heart. I lend my support in any form for this good cause to make society more strong by giving gender equality to women and to strengthen our political democracy. Link: 1.​m/2011/07/our-political-actors​-are-not-kalidas.html 2 http://timesofindia.indiatimes​.com/home/opinion/edit-page/Si​ze-does-matter/articleshow/944​7333.cms

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Twenty years on, a forgotten anniversary: Economic Reform

Twenty years on, a forgotten anniversary is a good pointer. The author has raised a right issue at a right point of time. Economic reform initiated by Congress in 1991 has brought good fruits to the country. This way economic reform is a good political product for the cong. Why Cong is not promoting and marketing it by celebrating its 20th centaury to take its political benefit. It looks foolish on the part of the Cong, but there are some valid reasons, not doing so.
One, along with good it has brought some bad things. There are chances of digging out those bad things by opposition. There is always two side of any policy.
Two, country is infected with the issue of corruption. This is a by-product of economic reform. Reform didn’t accompanied by any measure to check economic corruption. This lack in reform has no explanation.
Three, from first August Parliament session is started. Cong doesn’t want to take any risk for giving any issue to opposition.
Four, Celebration is an offensive action; Congress is defensive on all fronts. Thus, it is not possible to take an offensive position from a defensive situation.
Five, Manmohan Singh was the architect of this reform as finance minister in 1991. Now as prime minister, he is facing rough weather and not enjoying same position in public as it was then. So, if house is not in order how one can enjoy.

Merit Vs Blood

This is really a great article. Highlights Merit over blood. To be a developed nation soon, it must take shape of a rule in India. Tata and Infosys has set yardstick for others to follow. What I see, this is to accommodate the changes in order to sustain and grow. In day to come changes will be fast, so rest will have to follow for the survival.
Indian politics are also in transition to acquire the corporate management style to meet the fast changing scenario. If they are adopting the management then they are bound to follow the associates too. Without merit, gaining power will not be easy. If the political sector adopts the principles of merit over blood, corruption issue will subside greatly- Leading to good governance. Thanks to Tata and Infosys for setting this trend in Indian industry sector and introducing this best practice from the west and European countries. But who will lead to set this trend in politics. I think this is a dream now but for sure it would happen when competition in politics will increase and ICT intervention coverage will be more than 60%. It is as of now 6.9%.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

We are running out of time, says Obama

Economic crisis is still a big challenge for Obama. Though it is gifted him by Bush, but he can’t be exonerated completely. He got chance to remove this problem. But if it is persisting, does it mean he is under performing on this front? To answer this is not easy. But one excuse he has. He got less time in view of its gravity. This is second worst economic crisis in American history.
Country is going to default. If it will happen, country’s credit rating will go down. Going credit down will bring so many problems and develop many complications. Deadlock of not raising the debt ceiling has very valid political reasons. Increasing tax or imposing new tax on wealthy is not suiting the opposition. It will displease republican vote bank. While not raising limit and cutting fund will annoyed democrats’ voters.
The political economy is the main issue for both the parties. To find a solution of this problem, we need to fix the responsibility for this. Republican Bush depleted the exchequer and brought the country in deep debt. His mismanagement and wrong political decisions ruined the country’s fiscal structure. This developed a bad political product in the form of economic crisis. This was one main reason among others Republican Party’s defeat in 2008 election.
Obama inherited shattered fiscal status. He is trying to solve this, but still not eradicated. He can’t throw complete blame to Bush now. He has to share it his part. He can say he need more time, but this is blot on his governance capability on economic front. Opposition can charge him as non efficient on this issue.
This deadlock has brought down the image of the country worldwide. Any further delay in resolving the issue will cause irreparable image loss. Both republicans and democrats will not like this situation for political gains or losses. Politics is not above the nation in a condition when both are responsible for this. Thus, they should understand their contribution to this menace and act hurriedly in nation interest.
Obama is one of the most intelligent modern political actor. So far he is not in any controversy and no corruption issue has been raised against him. Killing Bin Laden, number one enemy of the country, recovered his sagged image. Now this issue is a litmus test for him. Seeing his record, we hope, he will sort it out without much loss. To see his acumen see my blog;

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

America’s New found love for India

USA is supporting India for UNSC permanent seat. It wants India loom larger at world stage- particularly in south Asian region. Through all such love it wishes to achieve something very valuable. President Obama is a mature politician. It is all best steps of his well architected future politics. The foremost hidden agenda behind all these is his re-election for which he has declared his candidature. He is trying to kill many birds with a single stone.
Recent visit of secretary of state Hillary Clinton has expedited this process. Her statement “we want more India in the world” is an indicator of big change in international policy of US in south Asia. It wishes to use Indian shoulder to further its interest in this region. Presently Obama is the best political marketer worldwide- using full potential of ICT. He has a shrewd plan to sell his defective Afghani political product to India. Further he is trying to set-up a new equation to balance China using the shoulder of India with Japan in this reason.
India embraced socialistic pattern to develop itself after independence. In cold-war era, India was with USSR. This was just opposite to marketer approach of USA. Hence, a wide gap created between two countries. In 1991, Indian economy opened its tightened door for market players. This shift from socialistic to market friendly was a big event in economic history of India. Then finance minister ManMohan Singh played a key role in this hard decision. From here gap started reducing between two big democracies of the world.
Usually IITans dream visiting, working, living in US. As a result the best technical Indian brains drained to America. With time they got deep rooted. Gradually along with them, other stream’s top brains also migrated. Indians hard working quality (24x7) gave them an edge over Americans as they follow the five- day week and tight-time schedule work culture. The combined effect of hard work and best brain paid Indians. They got good positions and economically became sound. The advent of ICT catalyzed this process and galvanized Indians’ profile. Outsourcing accelerated the gap reducing rate and snatched bulk Americans jobs.
Obama promised to reduce glaring unemployment in 2008 election. As per his promise, he imposed many restrictions on outsourcing, just after assuming office. This saved US jobs but hit hard Indians and annoyed them. Indian communities who voted and gave election donations were distracted from Obama. Knowing this trouble some fact, he tried to reduce this resentment by giving many good positions to Indians in his administration. Now he has declared his candidature for reelection in 2012. He, being an intelligent politician, knows the damages due to Indians’ annoyance on outsourcing issue.
To reduce resentment and to bring them in 2008 position , Obama moved strategically in November 2010. Keeping eye on re-election, as part of strategy, he coined his country’s support to India for permanent seat in United Nations Security Council during his visit to India. This gave a soothing effect to Indian-Americans. He knows well the powerful Indian community. Indians have proved that they are hard working, knowledgeable, intelligent and amenable to different situations. In support, I would like to cite: Dipak C. Jain had been Dean Kellogg business school of more than eight years. He made it the best marketing school worldwide. Now Nitin Noharia is Dean Harvard business school. Duos are best education industry leaders. Likewise in other fields also, Indians are at top.
To bring the country out of economic crisis, US need a big market and good partner. Obama has a feel of growing power of India. Big and open Indian market is attractive for Americans. By enhancing friendship with India, US can harness the benefit of Indian market. And this will help it a lot in reducing economic crisis at home. Indian community will act as bridge between Obama administration and India .
President Obama announced to withdraw troops from Afghanistan rejecting military commander’s advises for a more modest reduction plan. Obama planned to withdraw all 33000 American soldiers from Afgan by the summer of 2012. This is also a political move. Now Afgan action is a proved bad political product. To fill withdrawal vacuum, who is the best option. From strategic point, India too has interest in Afgan. It is capable to handle such situations. India has experience of tackling terrorist activities in Punjab and J &K. Delay in withdrawal is not possible due to political reasons. Families of cops deployed in Afgan are eager to see their dears back at home. This withdrawal will woo American families to fetch their vote and support in 2012. This is the reason Obama expedited withdrawal plan ignoring the advises of military commanders. Now it is trying to sell this bad product to India.
After Bin Laden incident, American’s perceptions towards Pak have changed. They consider Pak more foe than friend. Laden was number one enemy of US. Pak sheltered him for long and lied US about his hiding. US invested huge money and time to set score of trade tower incident. Laden hiding disturbed the US-Pak equation. In addition, Obama administration would show respect to its citizen’s changed perception about Pak by changing equations with it. This will help in getting citizen’s confidence and politically economical in view of 2012 election. Disturbed equations with Pak, compels US to search a new partner in the south Asia region.
Growing power of China is an open secret. China is giving US a tough competition in all fields. This has damaged so called supremacy of US. Cheap China products are reducing others market including US. So China is hitting USA commercially. China’ growing role at world stage will further affect the commercial and political interest of America. USA, being a market oriented country, will not tolerate shrinkage of its market and business. Arresting growing power of China is a need of hour for Americans. As usual, to do this US needs someone’s shoulder. In South-Asian region, under present circumstances, India’s shoulder is the best option.
Secretary of state Hillary Clinton in her visit to India in July 2011 said she wished to see more India at world stage. This, new found growing love for India, is a strategic part of Obama’ re-election action plan. He knows without the support of strong India- Americans, repetition will not be easy. In view of his election and economic crisis, he is trying hard to woo Indians in his country. Obama is a proved good political marketer. His edge over others is his open mind to accommodate the changes. Along with his diligences, he is using all potential tools of modern technology to leave others behind. He used potential of social media to win in 2008. So, his upward love for India is not to benefit to India and Indians. It is rather for his focus on 2012 target and commercial benefit of the USA and its citizens.
If we evaluate this love from India’s angle, India has to move very cautiously. USA, a hard core commercial country doesn’t fit even with India’s basic thought process- a socialistic nation. In case of any commercial interest conflict, India will get same treatment like Pak. So, Pranab Mukharjee told Hillary that India doesn’t want to interfere in Afgans security affairs. India should take utmost precaution so that US should not be able to use its land for its own gain and to show its so called supremacy to the world. In transition position India must bargain to have favorable clauses in partnership deed. Now, weak USA will concede and come to terms. This is must to avoid so called American aura to ensure commercial benefit of the country.
Hence, prima facie, new found love seems not good. It is a well planed political marketing move of Obama. We know love is blind. Hence Chances of slippage is great. To save from slippage on USA love path, India must tread very cautiously to watch the interest of Indian citizens.
(Views are personal)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Our political actors are not Kalidas.

Who should pay for the elections? Not the state

I do agree cent-percent with the logics and reasoning given by renowned and esteemed author. He has great experiences as he is working in this field with ADR (since august 1999) in close coordination with election commission and other associated organizations. He has contradicted the idea of starting of funding of elections to start with-SC/ST and women. By giving the support of Law commission findings and views of CECs, very rightly, he says, first we need political reforms- pre requsits for such funding. Without setting political houses in order on different issues like internal democracy, annual audit, transparency etc, state funding will deteriorate the situation- means money power will speak more loudly. It will be like giving a knife to monkey which will harm everyone including himself- not knowingly.
Without completing national level consultation, circulation of cabinet note by law ministry for soliciting comments indicates some foul play like lokpal bill. Author has indicated correctly that present and past CEC is opposing including law commission findings, then what type of consensus we talked about. Is law commission findings and CECs views having low weight than so called opinion censuses- even national level is yet to conduct? I think, seeing the public demand and mood against them, they are trying to show the same path to electoral reform bill like Lolpal. So that it also can’t gets the consent of parliament for many years- as lokpal is pending for 42 years. It may be a diversion tactic to avoid political reform. As government knows the next agenda of Anna is political reform. Hence it can be seen as a move to block their way before they start.
If we see the things from the initiator’s angle, we found them right in their actions to make electoral reform another jokpal. None would like to make a law which will interfere in their own workings – as did by Kalidas. Now, they are free to mold as they wish. But after electoral reforms, it will be difficult for them to fulfill their wishes. It is not a wise step on their part to make strong and good laws. They have two options then. One, don’t make laws as till date. Two, if compelled to act, then make very weak and ambiguous to manipulate easily. Out of two which one is adaptable? Under present circumstance when country is reeling under the heat of corruption at top level- thanks to judiciary- sitting idle like past is not possible for the government. Hence option one is ruled out. Then option two is workable. Tactic is, give it a controversial start so that it should have a controversial life at least 42 years.
Inspite of knowing fast moving political scenario, our political actors are not able to come out of their inertia. They are still trying to do politics like past. This is not possible now at any cost. To support this, Obama’s election is a good point to be cited. A study finds that w e live in a age where 60 percent of Americans routinely assume that every politicians is lying to them ( Trippi, 234). So, fed up with whites’ double standards and lies, they elected a black head of the nation. They slapped the leaders and gave a red signal to old politics. Likewise in India, things are similar to USA. Powerless Anna and Baba set some ideas before nation and public is driving this idea with a super fast speed- not imagined by our law makers. In this judiciary is playing its role and not sitting ideal. The judicial actions are accelerating the speed and doing praise worthy work.
A section of political actors are denouncing it as judicial over reach and activism. While doing so they forget about their inactions and act of sins. They don’t want to be honest, but they wish to see others dead honest. India is a big democracy and vote is an indicator. If we conduct a referendum for good actions among Legislature, bureaucracy and judiciary, I am sure Judiciary will get the highest numbers in their favor. In changing the situation ICT role can’t be ignored. ICT has affected all walks of life like politics. Obama is a product of ICT that’s why he is also known as internet president. It is difficult to change the oldies. So hope lies with the youngsters. That’s why all political parties are pushing their youth wings to act in full swing. They are trying their best to attract youths as they are amenable and ready to accept the change. They are also aware of to potentials of modern tools and technology like social media. The new political trends can’t be set in reverse gear.
Concluding this, is author expecting our political actors to be modern Kalidas? They should cut same branch on which they are sitting to fall down – as we know about our historical Kalidas. No, I too oppose this as they are not like Kalidas. But thanks to author for highlighting this issue which in not in national interest from any angle.
(Views are personal and based on different findings and references)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Baba- outstanding; Obama- good and GoI-bad

I read “The way to Satyagragh” by Madhu Purnima Kiswar in ToI dated 18 July. I don’t agree with the author’s biased view and anti tone. She has written treating Baba Ram Deo an incarnation of God. After all, as we know, he is from a simple family of Haryana. No doubt, he doesn’t keep a good social team like Anna. Anna has a team of gems- Kiran Bedi, Arvind kejriwal, Prasant etc. to advise him and to take collective thoughtful decisions. So, he mostly relies on his own wisdom on social front. Not giving arrest at stage and bearing women’s attire to disguise are two of the many possible actions. There might be many other better options like offering arrest at stage itself.
Author’s sarcastic comment on yoga and on manner of arrest is objectionable in its flavor and tone. To support this point:
One: I would like to mention the way Government of India ( GoI ) cracked on sleeping persons in midnight on 4th June in Ramlila ground. GoI has plenty experienced leaders, IAS (steel frame) and others at their disposal. But this step of GoI attracted too much criticism. It was termed as trouble inviting decision. If one measure this step from law and order handling scale. It would prove a blunder. This is the reason Supreme Court took actions suo-motto.
Two: In July 2009, police arrested black Harvard professor Henery Louis Gates Jr, President Obama reacted aggressively on this. Obama said police who arrested professor ‘ acted stupidly’. On this statement criticism started. To control the damage, Obama settled the issue by inviting all the parties to a beer party at white house without any delay. Obama having world-class advisors and he himself very learned committed mistake. The reaction was not up mark and he took corrective measure to control further image deterioration.
If we compare the decision with GoI and Obama, one can easily conclude that he didn’t pick the best option but not did blunder like GoI.
Furthermore, for the first time Baba played social game. He has no prior experience of such movements. This is a big lacuna with him. This is one reason among many for his sufferings.
If I need to rate (relative marking) Baba, Obama, and GoI on issues as discussed above, my comparative rating will be: Baba- outstanding; Obama- good and GoI-bad. In government, annul performance is measured in the descending order of work quality- outstanding, very good, good, satisfactory, bad.
On above rating, any criticism against Baba is not convincing. Criticizing is the easiest work. But taking quality decisions in a charged atmosphere (in mobs) and emergency situation is a Herculean task. As professor, author may be excused on her views and tone. But the achievements of Baba can be realized only by a guy dealing in law and order as SDM, ADM, DM, DC. None other can get the real touch like this author. Inspite of all turmoil no casualty and everything passed off peacefully. What is the net result? Indian black money issue is an international issue and talk of the town.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Unreasonable Plea of GoI on SIT

On black money issue Supreme Court (SC) formed a Special Investigating Team (SIT) to monitor the progress of investigation. The SIT formed by Government of India (GoI) was made of officials. The role of officials who act as puppet to ruling party and GoI can do anything fruitful on this daunting task? Sagging image of Babus and not implementing court orders in letter and spirit compelled judge to think some ways to give results. This is necessary to save the public faith in the system.
Actually court orders are passed by judges and it is complied by babus in the directions of political bosses. If order is affecting the interest of babus and leaders, its implementation will be only a show-off just to avoid court of contempt. Therefore, actual justice as desired by the judgment is denied. As a result, on one hand this weakens the very purpose of judiciary and on the other hand aggrieved is forced to eat half-baked chicken. Additionally Government machinery looses public faith by overlooking actual implementation.
To protect the interest of all stakeholders- judiciary, aggrieved, babus and political actors- Judges are monitoring the progress of implementation. This gave good result and babus got free hand to work as per rule. This reduces the undue pressure on bureaucracy. And in turn public hailed the judicial actions. Seeing the time consuming process for Black money issue, they modified the SIT and inserted two tough and honest judges along with others. This annoyed and irritated GoI. There are solid reasons for doing this. Without retired judge SIT has no faith of public under present circumstances. Overburdened judges don’t have time to spare for this issue over a period of time. This complex issue needs combined effect of all wings. So, without judges in SIT, whole exercise would be not that useful. As rightly said justice should not be only done but it should also be felt.
With a plea that judiciary is taking over executive functions, GoI has moved a review petition in SC. This step of GoI is not in its favor. Government has to think why this situation arose. Is government not responsible for this? Answer is yes. If answer is yes then the role of Judiciary automatically comes in picture to see where government lacks to check growing black money by not following the rules and regulations enacted for this. Compliance of judicial order is the first and foremost duty of the court. If government is not implementing the judicial order and making it a point of joke, then it is the pious duty of the court to evolve some mechanism like SIT. Otherwise judicial faith will loose its ground form public mind.
Well known that Hasan ali would have not arrested if SC was not monitoring the case. Baba Ram Deo popularizes the issue and what treatment he got. This is good enough to prove the Government thoughts and intention on black money. Here public sees intention of SC and Govt. There is no suspicion about SC but it is not good for GoI. This is a self suicidal step for the Government. If Government is doing well, what is to worry, anyone can monitor. This action has strengthened the public opinion that GoI is trying not to do anything on black money issue. GoI is trying to foil the efforts of all other wings. If judiciary will stick to its present SIT and will not allow any amendment. Its image will improve further. Through this GoI is trying to make SIT controversial to win over the situation. But under present situation this tactics in not going to succeed.
Personally, I am of the opinion that if judiciary is passing any judgment and its compliance is done as per the intent of the judgment, Then what option is left with judiciary. Moreover, it is the duty of the court to get its order complied as intended. SIT is just a mechanism developed- seeing the intention of GoI-to implement the order passed about the Black money. Where the judiciary is doing the role of executive? Getting implemented the order through a mechanism with the help of retired judges is not intrusion in the executive domain. Instead Judiciary is helping the government by giving him a good tool in the form of SIT. A combined effort in needed for this complicated issue. Inspite thanking the Judges, They are being blamed by GoI on jurisdiction. Hurt to see this ugly situation on the part of GoI. Hope good sense will prevail and GoI will not insist it further.

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