Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Land Bill of 1894 in house after 117 years.

It is true that if RG would have not taken it, it would have not moved an inch like past. It is a bill enacted in 1894 and since then remains same for last 117 years. But question is why it is now and not before. Country freed in 1947. What compelled congress to wait since 1947 till now for this amendment. Except a full term of Atal, congress ruled the country after independence. So, in blame game sharing, 90% share of blame goes to congress.
We must thanked RG and Jairam too for his good intended actions. If good actions will not be applauded, it will die- a dangerous situation will come very soon. We must praise all good steps and actions of anyone without political marketing.
If it will be passed, this will be the first big achievement of RG as leader. This will be a political product which he can market in future.