Sunday, October 23, 2016

Goa BRICS Provided India - A Forum To Corner Terror

BRICS (B-R-I-C-S) Is Brazil, Russia, India, China, And South Africa
            BRICS stands for an association of five developing and rising economies which includes Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. Jim O'Neill, the then chairman of Goldman Sachs  Asset Management coined this term BRIC in 2001 in his publication Building Better Global Economic. Initially, South Africa was not associated with it. It joined in 2010 and  BRIC became BRICS as it is formed by the first letters of the member nations in a given sequence.                                                                                                                                               In September, 2006 the foreign ministers of Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC) met in New York City. In series meetings, they prepared the required background, modalities, and terms of references to associate.  The first full scale diplomatic meeting held in Yekaterinburg, Russia on June 16, 2009.  Thereafter, BRICS nations are meeting annually at formal summits.  Russia hosted 7th Summit in July 2015. The 8th is in Goa, India.
             BRIC ,the four member club reached consensus on improving the global economic situation and reforming financial institutions as its goal in 2009. They also announced the need for a new global reserve currency. Started with economic mutual interest, the agenda widened manyfold with passage of time.
            Since 2009, BRICS evolved gradually in its successive meetings, held annually in rotation among member nations. Summits held: Brasillia, 2010; Sanya, 2011; New Delhi, 2012; Durban, 2013; Fortaleza, 2014. Consensus evolved on issues can be grouped into two main pillars. One, coordination in multilateral fora with a focus on economic and political governance. Two, cooperation among members.
            In first pillar, the efforts  are being made to reform the global governance institutions- in economic and financial fields. These includes financial G-20, IMF, World Bank along with others. Efforts are on to reform political institutions such as the United Nations.
            In second pillar intra-BRICS mutual cooperation is gaining strong ground. Agenda points have broadened since its inception. Areas of enhanced cooperation comprise finance, agriculture, economy and trade, combating crime and terrorism, science and technology, health, education, corporate and academic exchanges and security are few among many.
            The financial field receives focus as a new front of cooperation. In  the 6th summit in 2014  BRICS singed two financial instruments into a treaty and it became active in 2015. One is creation of New Development Bank (NDB). Two is Contingent Reserve Arrangement (CRA). NDB and CRA signalled a good message about willingness of consolidation and partnership in the economic-financial sector among members.
            The NDB is a multilateral development bank. It is operated by the BRICS states. It aims at financing infrastructure and sustainable development projects in member nations and other developing countries. Initially it would start  with a subscribed capital of 50 billion US dollar- 10 dollar contribution by each member.         
             BRICS CRA is an arrangement for giving protection against global liquidity pressure. It is a fund of 100 billion US dollar. BRICS states will use to sustain short-term liquidity pressure. CRA aims at to contribute to international financial stability, by providing an additional line of defence to the BRICS.  CRA is perceived as a competitor to IMF and NDB is viewed as South-South cooperation.
            India hosted the 8th BRICS Summit in its chairmanship on 15-16 October2016 in Goa. The theme is ''Building Responsive, Inclusive and Collective Solutions." The  9th Summit is proposed in China.
            Five-pronged approach of Goa summit is: Institution building to further deepen, sustain and institutionalise BRICS cooperation;   Implementation of the decisions from previous Summits; Integrating the existing cooperation mechanisms;  Innovation, i.e., new cooperation mechanisms; and  Continuity, i.e., continuation of mutually agreed existing BRICS cooperation mechanisms.
            In short, approach can be captured by ‘IIIIC or I4C’. The focus is on enhanced people-to-people (P2P) contacts of BRICS member states, especially youth. In this context, India has planned activities like U-17 Football Tournament, Youth Summit, Young Diplomats’ Forum, Film Festival etc.
            How was this summit crucial for India? How did it provided additional advantages to tackle spontaneous increase in tension with Pak?  Recent attack in Uri by Pakistan and thereafter surgical strike by India on terror launching pads in Pakistan intensified tensions between Pak and India. India is making an all out effort to isolate Pakistan diplomatically from getting any support on terror issue from any country. India is trying to highlight Pak as terrorist generating country.
            Russia is an old friend of India. India improved its relations with USA. USA and Pak relation appears going down. Relation between China and Russia looks better than before. There appears a new equation of China-Russia-Pak in south asia. To balance and tackle this new formation, India signed a bilateral trade agreement with Russia amounting 39000 Crore across multiple sectors.  PM Modi convinced China for a combined effort to fight against terror, promoted and abetted by our neighbour.
            India got first success when SARRC meeting to be held in Pakistan was cancelled. This sent a bad signal about Pakistan. This cancellation approved the action of India which it did in self-defence in the form of surgical strike. PM Modi said terrorism casts a long shadow on our development and economic prosperity. Its reach in now global. Hence, we need to fight it together with conviction. Now, it is not a matter of India only. It is now global issue.
            What are outcomes from Goa BRICS summit? India mustered support on terror issue including the China. Albeit no mention of Pakistan and which is not required too. India-Russia reenergized  and revived their old friendship. This is need of our to bring power equation in our favor in south Asia. Talks to speed up work on setting up of BRICS institutions is a welcome move. India's NSG bid gets acknowledged in the name of clean energy.
            India got chance to start forming a new bridge with Bimstec. It is a block comprising seven countries. It includes India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Myanmar. Mostly seek greater ties with China. For India, these are important for strategic and economic reasons due to their geographic locations. Goa summit helped India to strengthen its relationship with Bimstec nations.   
            Goa summit provided India an opportunity to tackle and muster support on surgical strike issue. India used this forum strategically to prove that it is going to play a bigger role worldwide. This summit helped India in its mission to improve its presence, effectiveness and visibility on world map. India availed this opportunity to bring South Asian power equations in its favor.
Heera Lal (Views are personal and based on different sources)


Thursday, October 13, 2016

War Is Never An Option. Peace, Forgive Is Our Tool To Rule.

Yes, war is not an option. There are many ways and options to tackle a problem. In, among many solutions, war is one and should be last in the list. PM Modi's strategies and steps are upto the mark. And it deserves appreciation and praise.
First, he tried to expose the terror activites of the Pak to isolate it from world connections. It was a great success. A planned efforts disconnected Pak to get any help and sympathy from its own friends worldwide. SAARC submit in Pakistan is bycotted by many member countries. It is a big blow and a defeat to Pak and a diplomatic success for India.
Second, he tried to cornor Pak in Pakistan itself by mentioning Bloch humen rights issue. This issue got required energy to grow and florish worldwide. Now Bloch are protesting continuously against Pak at different forums. Their protest is a great help for themselves and India in the light of recent terror attack in Uri Army base camp on 18th September,2016.
Third, he gave signal to withdraw conncession given through most favored nation status. This will create economic problem if implemented. As a result, public- getting benefits of it- will go against the government. Public opinion matters for the govrnment.
Foruth, Indus water trety is anothter issue under consideration to put huge pressure on Pak. Surgical operation on 28th midnight of Sep 2016 is not to hit the Pakistan. But, it is to prevent infilration of terrorist into Indian border. India did it in self defence. So, it is a well calcuted and judicious act called for.
Avoding war like situation is must for India. Our political bossess understand this. Thats why they are taking the most minimum steps required to protect the interest of India and Pak people. And to facify and cool down anger of massess after Uri attach. Pak people are not our enemy, but they are our brothers. Millitary system and rurals of Pak are resposible for the current ugly situation. Successful surgical strike without any loss by Indian army proves its capability and courage to face any evetuallity to protect our nation. They deserve all types of Kudos.
India as an upper hand in all respects have to take care of all things into consideration to prove itself elder brother of Pak. Surgical operation is right step in right direction to teach lessions to Pak army and government officials but not the pak people. This sentiment is convey by PM Naredra Modi in in his Kerala Speech at party meeting recetly after Uri attach. He wished a war with Pak in reducing povery, illiteracy etc. to improve the living and economic conditions of Pak People.

Surgical strike is not new. In past, India did. But this time, it is told to massess to bring anger of public down which went up due to Uri Killings. It is a clear signal to other nations that India is not soft now on terror issue. This gave a hard indications to terrorist outfits worldwide. In the light of above facts,the overall aim of India is to contain terror activites for world peace.