Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Reforms to the rescue

Very nice article but you are talking only one side of the story. It’s fine to resort economic reform in 1991. It brought fruits to the country and helped in reducing corruption. Is there any fiscal reform without its negative effect? Its simple answer is “No”. In every economic reform, we evaluate both the sides and tried to minimize the negative one.
Why, then FM and now PM, didn’t perceived the ill effects of growing corruption along with growing economy after 1991.
Why he didn’t take appropriate steps to reduce this by product- corruption- by legislating acts to retard the growth of this future graft in parallel with GDP. LokPal may be an act to say which is pending long before 1991.
Why he ignored demerit (expected corruption growth as by product of reform) and talking only about merits (high GDP). This proves flaws in reform and skewed one. Being a world renowned economist,he can’t blame anyone for this. He has to take this blame in right spirit and take corrective measure to rectify this mistake which done in 1991.
Agreed to your proposal that he should continue reforms. And the wish of public in symbolic Anna should get due respect. Political reform must be on the top of agenda to avoid any further long agitation. This is the next agenda point of Anna team as they announced.