Saturday, September 17, 2011

Political marketing of Narendra Modi, Chief Minister of Gujarat

Political marketing of Narendra Modi, Chief Minister of Gujarat, Indida:

In general we follow 4Ps in commercial marketing.

1. Political Product: Narendra Modi as CM of good governance. There are two products which he is marketing as political product: his personality and good governance.
2. Price: If he will be voted to power as PM- just for the sake of saying, he will progress the country like Gujarat. He is offering his service to the nation in exchange of vote. He has proved his services in Gujarat as CM. Hence product reliability and quality are there.
And it will sustain in the market. His good governance is established and recognized by the society.
3. Place: His place of transaction is Gujarat now. He is now trying to promote his political product for other places of the country. Now he is aiming whole country as place of exchange and to position his product.
4. Promotion: His fast of three days started form 17 September 2011 is his promotional activity for selling his political product at national level.
When I compare his style of functioning and managing the political affair, I found many similarities with the US President Barack Obama. Just a few are:
1. Both are well read and having in depth knowledge of political sector.
2. Both are ICT savvy and using its beauty for the benefit of the society in good governance as modern tool.
3. Both are having bigger personality than their party.
4. Obama was having a big obstacle in the form Hillary. Likewise he is having here Advani.
5. Both are having authoritative and decisive personality.
6. Both are good orators and famous for their effective speeches.
7. Public see both as change agents.
8. Both are self-made.
Now seeing the situation and time period for next election, he will be able to carry forward his candidature for the post of PM. He is having problem with his universal acceptability. Riots in Gujarat are blots with him. Now he is focusing to remove that with full vigor. The way he is trying to get rid of this, there is all probability to get success- seeing his management capability and being a self-made man.
Above all he is now the best symbolic, mass and popular leader of his party. His competitors in party-L K Advani, Sushma Swaraj, Arun Jaitely, Nitin Gadkari- are not having all three required quality together. Here he is having edge over other colleagues in the party. He is a performer along with Lalu Prasad quality that is he is able to promote himself. He knows the tricks how to sell the political products and its timing.
There are two alliances in the country. One is led by congress and the other by BJP. If he will be able to get the party ticket from the party then he will have to appear in the test of alliance-in case of shortage of majority. This is very difficult.

The biggest outsider competitor is Bihar CM Nitish Kumar. No doubt the acceptability and performance of Kumar is better than Modi on many counts. But party strength wise not comparable. Modi has to work hard on two fronts together. He needs to enhance his acceptability in public and NDA allies.
His 3 day fast is a well chalk out plan to start on these two front. Wooing Muslims through their grater participation is the first strategy. The Muslim participation is up to the expected level. And greater participation of allies is second steps planned. TN Chief Minister sends her representative and CM Punjab participated. He is successful in his mission.
All circumstances in view and his growing personality, I am for sure, he is next Atal Bajpai of BJP. It is a matter of time only. He is trying to position his candidature for PM by applying all concepts of commercial marketing with help of ICT tools.

(Views are personal and based on many sources)

Heera Lal