Thursday, March 1, 2012

Getting desired GDP Rate

''I agree with the article. Our GDP is going down. Though we are better than others but we need to see in the light of our over population. From all corners, voices are raised for second phase of economic reform. First phase was done in 1991 as FM by our PM. Now he should repeat as PM. Hard budget is must to cure illness and to achieve desired and stipulated performance. One main hurdle is poor governance due to corruption. It is expected from DGCII to work on this how to partner with government at all level on this in an effective way. I think our two point growth on GDP is eaten away by bad governance as a result of corruption. It is hard to understand why not hard monitoring mechanism are built in programs and projects to assess the performance of the money. Our CAG has pointed out very rightly this issue by his new initiative of performance audit. Anyone can spend any amount of money. Now performing spending is need of our hours. CII here come in picture to intervene and help the governments of all level. For further information, CII can collaborate with CAG office. ''