Wednesday, September 7, 2011

No other govt has shown more will to fight corruption

It is very hard to agree with your pleas. What is the meaning of no other government? Which party ruled India 90% of the time, after 1947? Except a full term of Atal, congress ruled the country after independence all along.
After 1947, some intermittent interval came to refresh congress rule. If we divide the credit to develop corruption among governments as you said, 90% share is yours. And rest 10% is of Atal, Deovogowda, Inder Gujral, Charn Singh etc- Other governments in your language. Hence accusing others didn’t convince like your general oratory.
RTI act was passed after a long battle of more than 10 years started by Aruna Roy in Rajsthan. Congress passed it when no option was left. It tried to delay it to the extant possible. If Corruption is harming all, then why Lokpal is kept pending for last 43 years. For sure, now you will clear this pendency as no other way out to delay it- in view of Anna shadow and do or die.
Corruption, in our supreme pillar of democracy, is rampant. For the first time, you mentioned about political reform in this write-up- seeing the announcement of Anna team as their next issue after Lokpal. Why congress didn’t give heed to this very urgent issue. Albeit, ADR and ECI in tandem spearheading for this reform and lobbying hard for long.
Now, a good chance is there for this reform to see the light of day. Why? Its answer is very easy to find. You are not going to take it willingly. Anna team has announced it as next agenda after Lokpal. In view of perceive heat of Anna, a beginning has been made by you.
All above- a few from a long list- prove otherwise what you said.
Congress’ established formula Talk-and-Walk days has gone long back. Please follow the new Walk-then-Talk, like Bihar to regain public faith as you desire in this article.
Thanks to accept reality.

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