Monday, August 1, 2011

This is not a matter of size

Author Medha Nanlvadekar has proved her case mathematically. She suggests an alternative solution for women�s reservation bill which is pending for 15 years. Her formula to make each constituency dual-representative- one man and one woman- is not feasible. On this issue our polity is just showing that they believe in gender equality. So that they can lecture on occasions and take their votes. As per reservation bill 181 men MP has to be replaced by women. Is it looks feasible in our country by our politicians? I think not. We need to search answer of why. Do we think that our political actors do anything which harms them directly or indirectly in anyway? To prove this point, political reform bill is a good example. ( blogs in It is not even in agenda expect discussion. The efforts of ADR and CEC of India are of no gain. Women bill needs highlighting movement. It needs some social worker like Baba Ram Deo and Anna to take up this issue. Baba made Corruption and Anna made Lokpal big social products. They are auctioning it to political parties in India. Lokpal was pending for last 42 years. But it is going to be placed before parliament. The names of black money owner will be announced by the end of this year- says GoI. Theatrically, this is a good solution but feasibly it is not. So, it is a ruled out now. We do have many women social actor who have done exemplary work. Aruna Roy and recently magsaysay awardee Neeliam Mishra of Pune are a few examples among many. We need to develop a team like Anna to raise and take this issue to logical end. Once it will become the public issue from political issue, then authors suggestion can be discussed on table as an option. From the article, amply evident author�s in-depth concern for this issue. She needs to translate this concern into reality by setting the ball rolling. She must facilitate formation of an org to spearhead this by including all sector top women managers- CEO, social workers etc. There should not be any bar to men if wish to work by heart. I lend my support in any form for this good cause to make society more strong by giving gender equality to women and to strengthen our political democracy. Link: 1.​m/2011/07/our-political-actors​-are-not-kalidas.html 2 http://timesofindia.indiatimes​.com/home/opinion/edit-page/Si​ze-does-matter/articleshow/944​7333.cms