Sunday, August 21, 2011

Anna’s social marketing company and his Inclusive movement

Mohan Das Karma Chand Gandhi experimented a price less weapon of non-violence to free the country from foreign rule. In this no financial cost is required to purchase this. British ruler did utmost atrocities, discriminations with Indians. Hence, they suffered a lot and did not live free and happy life.
Indians were seething under anger. The main causes of this were misrule and divide & rule policy of its administrator. To get rid of all such grave sufferings, Indians started searching its solution. Freeing the country form foreign rule was the most widely accepted solution- Independence. This would end British rule and thus its atrocities.
Citizens would be able to enact their own rules and regulations as per their need. They would form their won government. Hence, their solution lies in a single word “Independence” which would serve the nations purpose. Gandhiji sensing these woes of citizens at all level started connecting them to the social product Independence. And public connected willingly as it was their need to end continuous suffering on them.
He joined public with Independence and carried movement in his own supervision. Finally, he succeeded through his pious goal (social product) Independence and means non-violence protest. He led and ran an inclusive movement. Public from all levels and places participated in it without any hindrance. They associated emotionally, mentally, physically and financially to achieve their goals through Gandhiji and his team. To have a successful movement, all such elements are needed.
After independence in 1947, economic growth was very low- known as Hindu growth rate. This slow pace of Indian economy landed it in worst economic crisis in 1991. It is felt that our closed economy is not facing any competition. Hence, it weakens and without strength. To bring out of this, Government of India decided to open it keeping in view the case of China. China being a communist company opened its door in 1980s, ten years ahead of India to foreign investors.
After this drastic U-Turn in economic policy, Indians growth rate starts picking up. Between 1947 and 1991, the economic offences were not that grave- being low GDP rate. Hence exiting law were- we can say- effective to curb and control the economic related crimes. But after adoption of economic policy reform, economy grew and brought benefits to the country.
Along with that it brought its side effects too. These sides’ effects in the form of economic offences grew in absence of tough laws to check it. Existing weak and irrelevant laws and lack of political will made the things worst with the passes of time. It spreads its effect in all walks of life. Now corruption at top level is rampant. This took public in grip and hurting them everyday in some forms. This affects the youths the most.
In paucity of effective and relevant laws, economic related offences as side effect of opening of it and corruption become insurmountable. It started hitting and harassing public in different ways frequently. Hence public woes become unbearable and intolerable. Now rampant corruption at all levels has wide coverage and reached each and every corner of the country having its link aboard also.
Like Gandhi, sensing the pain of the public, Anna Hazare – a staunch Gandhian supporter and non violence practicenor- took up this issues first at state level. He experimented it in his state of Maharastra and got success. After mastery over it, he formed a social company at national level with following details:
Name of the social company: India Against Corruption
(It has branch all over the country and aboard)
Objective: Freeing India from corruption.
Product: Corruption
Office organization:
Anna Hazare: Chairman cum Managing Director
Head finanace: Arvind Kejriwal- former revenue officer
Head Leagal: Prasant Bhusan- Practicing leading lawyer of SC
Head Admin: Kiran Bedi- Retired but not tired renowned police officer.
Head CSR- Swami Agnivesh- spearheading social casuses.
Executive Committee members: Santosh Hegde, Shashi Bhushan.

They have energetic, well read, educated and dedicated young in their offices. They are laden with modern tool and technology. Above all, they are passionate. And they are supplementing the experiences of oldies in team to bring the desired fruits. A few to name are: Manish Sisodiya, Kumar Visvas, Akhil Gagoi, Arvind Gaur, Suresh Pathare, Dada Bhau laxman Pather, Nitin Davar, Raj Gopal, Mr. Awasthi Murlidharan, Rajendra Singh, Gaurv Baxi, Neeraj kumar etc.

This social corporate lead by Anna-as narayana murthy led infosys- is highly rich in experience. Moreover they have required level of maturity.
Learing from Mahatam Gandhi, They took up social issue of “CorruptioN” affecting and hitting every Indians everyday in some forms- utmost in demand. Now they set to sell their social product CorruptioN- supply side. Their product name is “CorruptioN” like Gandhiji “Independence”. Their market is Indians and its area is India.
The mistakes committed by government of India and Congress one after the other in tackling the issue brought this social company into profit overnight. For this, major credit go to- as per the prevailing public mood and reactions- PM and his team Sri Kapil Sibal, P. Chidambarm, Diggi Raja and Mainsh Tiwariji. The more they acted against Anna team the more promotion of the product CorruptioN got ground and became more visible.
Miscalculating Anna made problem the worst. He sat on protest on 4th April at Jantar Mantar. He received overwhelming unconditional public support. This brought government on knee and they accepted their demand by including them in draft committee. This make CorruptioN product more visible and proved its utmost demand in Indian market.
After this Baba Ram Deo took up issue who was making its ground for many years. He changed the name of the product- Black Money. He enjoyed public faith and confidence on this issue. He sat on a peaceful protest on 6th June 2011 at Ram Lilla ground in Delhi. Government cracked on him in mid night to teach him a lesson, ignoring the support to his issue.
Actions started against him and his associates through CBI and Ed, sent a signal of revenge acts. This further annoyed public. Public receives a message that government is not acting against the corruption but against those who will oppose it. This act of government helped in enhancing the anger of the general masses. But immature actions and lack of experience didn’t bring the desired and stipulated results to Baba, but it played the role of backbone in whole episode. Sad part is that Baba has to come on back foot. And his coming back is a loss in nation making. Government saw their victory and some relief in retarding Baba’s speed on these issues. But they fail to visualize the loss which incurred by annoying public through him.
GoI encouraged by Baba’s retardation case, they administered same medicine to Anna. They deceived them by denouncing their draft. Further, by not allowing him to fast from 16th of Augest, they hit hard public mood again against themselves. Arresting Anna in the morning of 16th August is a act like setting jungle on fire. Public anger reached at peak.
Cong spokesperson Manish Tiwari’s direct comment to Anna in abusive language keeping all etiquettes of public life aside acted like pouring petrol in fire. It boomed public outrage and opposition got an issue to let down the congress for political economy.
On a US advisory, Cong tried to divert attention by showing it a US supported agitation to fizzle it out. This strategy fired back and congress came on back foot over this issue. This political move didn’t work, instead harmed. This was a prevailing policy of the ruling party in the past to hide their sins to divert them in the name of foreign hand. This political weapon of past is blunt now.
On 20th August another mistake, they brought NAC associates and Madam Sonia’s confident Esteemed Aruna Roy before public. Whatever she said to dilute the Anna issue, public didn’t take even notice. She could not
help as designed but she suffered an image loss like our PM. Aruna Roy flew in the strom(Andhi) of Anna. This planting also didn’t work. Albeit, it harmed.
All above actions of government time to time tarnished its image
and simultaneously helped Anna’s social company in its product promotion. There is a big question which needs serious attentions. Why such stupid actions/ steps on government part. Is there any internal politics or diplomacy of ruling party? There are some rumors in public to support this- Young vs Oldies- to block ways to young.
Government and civil society started separately. Then they came together to draft. Again separate, due to deceiving of government. Now every Indian is supporting Anna with an aim to positive results. To achieve this, we need to bring them along. PM team is so far at fiasco to bring the desired results. Even if they suppress the movement with their might, it will go against their political economy.
News came that Rahul Gandhi intervened and secured release of Anna from Tihar jail. It, no doubt, was a damage control move and it helped Rahul himself more than party. He needs to intervene again. This issue can’t be set in reverse gear. So its solution lies in forward actions.
He should come in picture and convince his oldies to send Janloakpal bill to committee after cabinet approval. He can club Roys’ draft. Pursue committee to expedite the process treating it as emergency case seeing the public mood and demand. Bringing PM and keeping Judiciary out may be an option to reckon with. This may be coined as defeat by oppositions. But your win is embedded in this defeat. So, this is the right time to embrace this so called defeat without further loss. Otherwise, if time will go out of hand, you will be only looser and repenter.
Anna’s newly formed social company with its intellectual team- using modern concept, tools and technology of marketing- is trying to promote its brand action against“ CrruptioN”. They are applying 4P of marketing to achieve social ends. Unanimous support from all walks of life and endorsement of celebrities have proved that commercial marketing is working fully on social marketing. God bless Anna and his team for serving the nation in liberating it from corruption.
(Views are personal and based on different sources. Writer is a Ph.D. Aspirant with social and political marketing topic. )

Heera Lal