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Anty-Anna and Their Plea

Anty-Anna and Their Plea

Anty- Anna folks from all sectors pleaded:

1. Parliament is supreme. It can’t and should not be subverted.
2. None can dictate our sacrosanct parliament.
3. No time tagging is possible with it in making laws.
4. Anna’s act will weaken our well cherished democracy.

No doubt pleas are emotional in nature. No true Indian will allow above. Atleast, I will not allow at any cost.
Above all is possible only when, Our Parliament enjoys public’s strong faith? Maintaining and increasing faith in parliament is the basic duty of its members. Now question is whether the acts (baring some) of our leaders inside and outside it are helping in increasing the public faith in it. Some acts to highlight the dwindling public faith in parliament are:

1. MPs fund increased from 2 Cr to 5 without any opposition unanimously within hours. Performance of this fund is in public domain. Literature on this recommends reverse action.
2. LokPal bill running pillar to post from 1968 which is meat to clean corruption from public life.
3. Political reform bill is utmost needed to clean money power and criminals from politics and to bring real democracy in our political sector who rules the country. ADR and ECI are spear heading like Anna team to make it a reality. A big Demand is already in the market for it. Yet no step is in site to full fill this public desire. Women reservation bill, administrative reform bill are some glaring example to mention from a long list.
4. Vote-for-cash incident and cancellation of membership of 11MPs by then speaker Somnath Chaterjee are some real aspects of the acts.
5. Down going productivity of parliament in making required public welfare laws.
6. To save democracy situation compelled praiseworthy acts of Judiciary and CAG.
7. Recent incidents of CAG, 2G are some from a long list.
8. Ministers, MPs and top babus are in jail.
Do above acts have helped in increasing public faith in parliament? No, these and a lot more acts of our political actors have created a big distrust. Public have lost hope and faith in their political bosses. Hence, reduction in their faith in parliament due to unexpected acts done by its members.
Public wanted to recoup this lost faith. They found that in Anna team. To restore faith in democracy and trust in political class, our political sector need to adopt change in their acts and ways- leaving inertia and master mentality aside. Only preaching as good orator is not going to help them. Their acts must match their preaching. Now they can’t run their self business in the name of parliament as anty-Anna folk did.
Public is fed-up and not ready to allow leaders to act like what they are doing now in the name of saving democracy and parliament supremacy. ICT has made public socially awakened and now they are well read in Open University of the society with help of modern technology. They are now able to read between the lines to save themselves from the tarps of our so called social leaders as political bosses. Anty-Anna people instead of reforming Anna team, they should preach our double-speak political class to mend their acts as per the public expectation and desire of the parliament.
Anna gave a start to this through his 13 days protest on JanLokpal bill. Santosh Hegde correctly said so far foundation laying is done. Government and political actors are not willing to budge even an inch to meet this popular demand. But public support and their huge pressure brought them on knee. Government U-turn decisions in a day. They passed unwillingly a unanimous resolution on all three issued proposed by Anna team.
In between Rahul Gandhi tried to give a bigger picture of Janlokpal- an improved version of it. He proposed that lokpal should have a statuary status like ECI, CAG during his statement in parliament. In addition, he also emphasized that many more acts would require to eradicate it or to minimize to a greater extent. Though his intention was nice and his proposal was better than JanLokPal. But in charged atmosphere against government and congress, his idea evaporated. None give heed to it.
His idea was perceived as delay tactics and to divert attention form this issue- seeing the adamant position to adopt Janlokpal. Kiran Bedi reacted on this, before climbing Everest, one should first climb hills. Both Anna team and Rahul are correct at their places. Anna completed his job by climbing hills. Now it is turn for the Congress to achieve Rahul’s picture by bringing an amendment bill to give it a status akin to ECI. For this a special secession may be conveyed. I think Rahul should make effort to realize his proposal to recover the losses done due to Anna episode.

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