Sunday, August 14, 2011

Dwindling Faith in Democracy

Dwindling faith in democracy is a worldwide problem. This is weakening our democratic institutions which are strong pillar of public faith. Now countries need to learn lessons and set this trend in reverse gear to maintain worlds’ law and order. Election of Obama- a black African American- is a good example to quote in its support. Decreasing faith in political actors- and in political institutions- made him President.
Americans wanted to teach the political bosses a lesson. Recent grave economic crisis of US to avoid default on payment on 6th August 2011 is a serious point to be noted. The latest riots in UK (started on 9th Aug 2011) are second in row. The ongoing uproar in India on corruption and black money is a supporting fact of reducing faith in democracy. India needs to take lessons out of these and act accordingly to materialize its dream of to be a developed country by 2020 by former president APJ.
Latest deep economic crisis of US looks like this. But it is not. In fact, it is a political crisis. This is a result of false supremacy, manipulated political decisions and ego. They are consuming undue and living lavishly life on debt bond. On this problem, USSR Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said Americans are parasite on global economy. To super imposed egoistic supremacy on the nations, US fought unwanted wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Such politically motivated actions landed the world super power in deep irreversible economic mire.
The permanent solutions of this can be possible by behavioral change. Changing social thoughts and actions are not easy. This is what Obama is saying, trying and focusing to set his house in order. Rather than playing the role of Chaudhary worldwide. To achieve this he is making efforts by applying all modern tools and technology of social marketing. Social change is a time taking process. Hence, he will not be able to see its fruits of his initiative, even after at the end of his second term- if he gets me sure of it.
Americans now need to lead an austere life like Obama. He is taking the blame of debt crisis which is a bad political product of Mr. Bush. It is his austerity that he is taking responsibility and defame for which he in nowhere accountable. His consensus style of functioning is a big weapon in his hand. And second time, he will re-elect on this quality in 2012.
Obama is trying to mend Americans to leave false supremacy and embrace reality of life. So that US should avoid USSR like dismantling of the country. He will succeed in his this mission being capable to drive the country on such a U- turn path. But not will reap its result as president in 2016- assuming his reelection.
The dwindling faith in democratic institutions and political actors gave chance to Obama. And first time in US history a black African American became the most powerful man of the world. He defeated none other than Hilliary who used to be the first lady for eight years. This proves great erosion of public faith in social organizations. This U-turn in US politics is strong signal for other democratic countries- UK, India.
Recent riot, loot, arson and ablaze on August 9, 2011 in UK reduced “Great Britain” to just Britain. How sudden such well planned man made disaster catches wide area is a dangerous fact to ponder. The ugliest part is that the most civilized and powerful Great Britain was not able to contain the spread in time. Instead it broke out into many other cities. Result was so strong that overnight great title evaporated. This is another red signal for nations having firm belief in democracy. Reducing faith in democracy will give such glaring and grave result time and again.
Unwise political decisions, bad governance and false supremacy have lowered the image of the US and UK. These problems are caution signals and wake-up calls to India. The ongoing movement against corruption and black money is coined as second movement to liberate India form corruption after 1947. Anna Hazare is living in a 10x10 meter room in Ralegan Siddhi of Maharastra province. He is getting overwhelming public support. This is due to lessening belief in political institutions. It will finally land us in big and irreversible mire if not taken steps to correct it the earliest.
The most damaging aspect is that government and political actors are not supporting the good causes. Instead in retaliation, they are making an all out efforts to thwart their endeavor. Further more, they are criticizing judiciary by saying over judicial activisms and over reach. Judiciary has enhanced their effort to implement their orders to send justice to its end. This judicial action can’t term as over reach or over activism. It is the basic duty which judiciary must ensure. Following basic duty is not favorable to government and politicians. Hence judiciary is attracting the wrath of affected political actors.
The comptroller and auditor general (CAG) is also under attach like judiciary on over reach account by same class who grossly lacks in discharging their duties. The constitution of India entrust CAG two duties to discharge- One as auditor and the other as controller. Unfortunately our past CAG acted more as auditor but less as controller. They didn’t discharge their duties as per the desire of our constitution. Present CAG Mr. Vinod Rai is discharging complete duty. He is doing both auditing and controlling functions effectively. Doing complete duty is happy news for Indians, but he is getting wrath in lieu of praise from same class. However public is seeing CAG as ray of hope to save the country from going to be ruined. And CAG esteem has risen very high in past few months.
India is famous for its unity among diversity. The binding bond is made-up of thread of faith in democratic organs. The recent public uproar on corruption and black money made it visible. These two issues are now talks of the town. Thanks to Anna and Baba for their patriotism act- by raising these issue without caring the consequences. They act as vent to release public resentment. Both are criticized and their efforts are thwarted by political class.
Many moves are made to implicate them to demoralize. Intensive investigations are on against both. Baba is under scanner and a FIR is lodged against Bal Krishna. This is all done after their agitation at Delhi. Why not all such actions before that, this proves it as revenge acts. Not giving permission to Anna for Gandhian style protest is show callous attitude of the ruler. It shows they are protector of corrupt practice. Such thoughts and actions will further decrease the public belief in democratic institutions. And finally, we Indian will also land in mire like US and UK.
To avoid such situation, we must take lessons from these two big democracies of the world and support the public causes of social activists Anna and likes. There is a famous saying “hate the sin but not sinner”. Likewise we must support their good causes if not them. If this will not be done, our dream to be a developed nation by 2020- by APJ former president- will be a nightmare. And it will affect Indians first and global public at large.
Congress is doing a historical mistake. This mistaken loss is irrecoverable. Congress is trying to find out political solution of issues raised by Anna and Baba. The mistakes lie here. Issues raised by duo are not political one. Both are not having any political ambitions. No doubt they are having sympathy of oppositions like public, but there is no symptom of intimate political game plan against the government. If it would have been they would have contested some elections. Dealing these issues politically will decrease public rating of congress. Congress already downgraded from AAA (UPA-1) to AA(UPA-2).
Still time is there for congress to take corrective actions. The current uproars are a public movement- not a political issue. Though it seems like that. This movement has strength of misgivings and bad governance of last 64 years. Congress needs to structural surgery to fizzle out this movement as they are doing in land acquisition. Congress must take lead to liberate the country from corruption to show its intentions to convince public.

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