Sunday, July 31, 2011

Twenty years on, a forgotten anniversary: Economic Reform

Twenty years on, a forgotten anniversary is a good pointer. The author has raised a right issue at a right point of time. Economic reform initiated by Congress in 1991 has brought good fruits to the country. This way economic reform is a good political product for the cong. Why Cong is not promoting and marketing it by celebrating its 20th centaury to take its political benefit. It looks foolish on the part of the Cong, but there are some valid reasons, not doing so.
One, along with good it has brought some bad things. There are chances of digging out those bad things by opposition. There is always two side of any policy.
Two, country is infected with the issue of corruption. This is a by-product of economic reform. Reform didn’t accompanied by any measure to check economic corruption. This lack in reform has no explanation.
Three, from first August Parliament session is started. Cong doesn’t want to take any risk for giving any issue to opposition.
Four, Celebration is an offensive action; Congress is defensive on all fronts. Thus, it is not possible to take an offensive position from a defensive situation.
Five, Manmohan Singh was the architect of this reform as finance minister in 1991. Now as prime minister, he is facing rough weather and not enjoying same position in public as it was then. So, if house is not in order how one can enjoy.