Sunday, July 31, 2011

Merit Vs Blood

This is really a great article. Highlights Merit over blood. To be a developed nation soon, it must take shape of a rule in India. Tata and Infosys has set yardstick for others to follow. What I see, this is to accommodate the changes in order to sustain and grow. In day to come changes will be fast, so rest will have to follow for the survival.
Indian politics are also in transition to acquire the corporate management style to meet the fast changing scenario. If they are adopting the management then they are bound to follow the associates too. Without merit, gaining power will not be easy. If the political sector adopts the principles of merit over blood, corruption issue will subside greatly- Leading to good governance. Thanks to Tata and Infosys for setting this trend in Indian industry sector and introducing this best practice from the west and European countries. But who will lead to set this trend in politics. I think this is a dream now but for sure it would happen when competition in politics will increase and ICT intervention coverage will be more than 60%. It is as of now 6.9%.