Tuesday, July 26, 2011

America’s New found love for India

USA is supporting India for UNSC permanent seat. It wants India loom larger at world stage- particularly in south Asian region. Through all such love it wishes to achieve something very valuable. President Obama is a mature politician. It is all best steps of his well architected future politics. The foremost hidden agenda behind all these is his re-election for which he has declared his candidature. He is trying to kill many birds with a single stone.
Recent visit of secretary of state Hillary Clinton has expedited this process. Her statement “we want more India in the world” is an indicator of big change in international policy of US in south Asia. It wishes to use Indian shoulder to further its interest in this region. Presently Obama is the best political marketer worldwide- using full potential of ICT. He has a shrewd plan to sell his defective Afghani political product to India. Further he is trying to set-up a new equation to balance China using the shoulder of India with Japan in this reason.
India embraced socialistic pattern to develop itself after independence. In cold-war era, India was with USSR. This was just opposite to marketer approach of USA. Hence, a wide gap created between two countries. In 1991, Indian economy opened its tightened door for market players. This shift from socialistic to market friendly was a big event in economic history of India. Then finance minister ManMohan Singh played a key role in this hard decision. From here gap started reducing between two big democracies of the world.
Usually IITans dream visiting, working, living in US. As a result the best technical Indian brains drained to America. With time they got deep rooted. Gradually along with them, other stream’s top brains also migrated. Indians hard working quality (24x7) gave them an edge over Americans as they follow the five- day week and tight-time schedule work culture. The combined effect of hard work and best brain paid Indians. They got good positions and economically became sound. The advent of ICT catalyzed this process and galvanized Indians’ profile. Outsourcing accelerated the gap reducing rate and snatched bulk Americans jobs.
Obama promised to reduce glaring unemployment in 2008 election. As per his promise, he imposed many restrictions on outsourcing, just after assuming office. This saved US jobs but hit hard Indians and annoyed them. Indian communities who voted and gave election donations were distracted from Obama. Knowing this trouble some fact, he tried to reduce this resentment by giving many good positions to Indians in his administration. Now he has declared his candidature for reelection in 2012. He, being an intelligent politician, knows the damages due to Indians’ annoyance on outsourcing issue.
To reduce resentment and to bring them in 2008 position , Obama moved strategically in November 2010. Keeping eye on re-election, as part of strategy, he coined his country’s support to India for permanent seat in United Nations Security Council during his visit to India. This gave a soothing effect to Indian-Americans. He knows well the powerful Indian community. Indians have proved that they are hard working, knowledgeable, intelligent and amenable to different situations. In support, I would like to cite: Dipak C. Jain had been Dean Kellogg business school of more than eight years. He made it the best marketing school worldwide. Now Nitin Noharia is Dean Harvard business school. Duos are best education industry leaders. Likewise in other fields also, Indians are at top.
To bring the country out of economic crisis, US need a big market and good partner. Obama has a feel of growing power of India. Big and open Indian market is attractive for Americans. By enhancing friendship with India, US can harness the benefit of Indian market. And this will help it a lot in reducing economic crisis at home. Indian community will act as bridge between Obama administration and India .
President Obama announced to withdraw troops from Afghanistan rejecting military commander’s advises for a more modest reduction plan. Obama planned to withdraw all 33000 American soldiers from Afgan by the summer of 2012. This is also a political move. Now Afgan action is a proved bad political product. To fill withdrawal vacuum, who is the best option. From strategic point, India too has interest in Afgan. It is capable to handle such situations. India has experience of tackling terrorist activities in Punjab and J &K. Delay in withdrawal is not possible due to political reasons. Families of cops deployed in Afgan are eager to see their dears back at home. This withdrawal will woo American families to fetch their vote and support in 2012. This is the reason Obama expedited withdrawal plan ignoring the advises of military commanders. Now it is trying to sell this bad product to India.
After Bin Laden incident, American’s perceptions towards Pak have changed. They consider Pak more foe than friend. Laden was number one enemy of US. Pak sheltered him for long and lied US about his hiding. US invested huge money and time to set score of trade tower incident. Laden hiding disturbed the US-Pak equation. In addition, Obama administration would show respect to its citizen’s changed perception about Pak by changing equations with it. This will help in getting citizen’s confidence and politically economical in view of 2012 election. Disturbed equations with Pak, compels US to search a new partner in the south Asia region.
Growing power of China is an open secret. China is giving US a tough competition in all fields. This has damaged so called supremacy of US. Cheap China products are reducing others market including US. So China is hitting USA commercially. China’ growing role at world stage will further affect the commercial and political interest of America. USA, being a market oriented country, will not tolerate shrinkage of its market and business. Arresting growing power of China is a need of hour for Americans. As usual, to do this US needs someone’s shoulder. In South-Asian region, under present circumstances, India’s shoulder is the best option.
Secretary of state Hillary Clinton in her visit to India in July 2011 said she wished to see more India at world stage. This, new found growing love for India, is a strategic part of Obama’ re-election action plan. He knows without the support of strong India- Americans, repetition will not be easy. In view of his election and economic crisis, he is trying hard to woo Indians in his country. Obama is a proved good political marketer. His edge over others is his open mind to accommodate the changes. Along with his diligences, he is using all potential tools of modern technology to leave others behind. He used potential of social media to win in 2008. So, his upward love for India is not to benefit to India and Indians. It is rather for his focus on 2012 target and commercial benefit of the USA and its citizens.
If we evaluate this love from India’s angle, India has to move very cautiously. USA, a hard core commercial country doesn’t fit even with India’s basic thought process- a socialistic nation. In case of any commercial interest conflict, India will get same treatment like Pak. So, Pranab Mukharjee told Hillary that India doesn’t want to interfere in Afgans security affairs. India should take utmost precaution so that US should not be able to use its land for its own gain and to show its so called supremacy to the world. In transition position India must bargain to have favorable clauses in partnership deed. Now, weak USA will concede and come to terms. This is must to avoid so called American aura to ensure commercial benefit of the country.
Hence, prima facie, new found love seems not good. It is a well planed political marketing move of Obama. We know love is blind. Hence Chances of slippage is great. To save from slippage on USA love path, India must tread very cautiously to watch the interest of Indian citizens.
(Views are personal)