Monday, July 18, 2011

Baba- outstanding; Obama- good and GoI-bad

I read “The way to Satyagragh” by Madhu Purnima Kiswar in ToI dated 18 July. I don’t agree with the author’s biased view and anti tone. She has written treating Baba Ram Deo an incarnation of God. After all, as we know, he is from a simple family of Haryana. No doubt, he doesn’t keep a good social team like Anna. Anna has a team of gems- Kiran Bedi, Arvind kejriwal, Prasant etc. to advise him and to take collective thoughtful decisions. So, he mostly relies on his own wisdom on social front. Not giving arrest at stage and bearing women’s attire to disguise are two of the many possible actions. There might be many other better options like offering arrest at stage itself.
Author’s sarcastic comment on yoga and on manner of arrest is objectionable in its flavor and tone. To support this point:
One: I would like to mention the way Government of India ( GoI ) cracked on sleeping persons in midnight on 4th June in Ramlila ground. GoI has plenty experienced leaders, IAS (steel frame) and others at their disposal. But this step of GoI attracted too much criticism. It was termed as trouble inviting decision. If one measure this step from law and order handling scale. It would prove a blunder. This is the reason Supreme Court took actions suo-motto.
Two: In July 2009, police arrested black Harvard professor Henery Louis Gates Jr, President Obama reacted aggressively on this. Obama said police who arrested professor ‘ acted stupidly’. On this statement criticism started. To control the damage, Obama settled the issue by inviting all the parties to a beer party at white house without any delay. Obama having world-class advisors and he himself very learned committed mistake. The reaction was not up mark and he took corrective measure to control further image deterioration.
If we compare the decision with GoI and Obama, one can easily conclude that he didn’t pick the best option but not did blunder like GoI.
Furthermore, for the first time Baba played social game. He has no prior experience of such movements. This is a big lacuna with him. This is one reason among many for his sufferings.
If I need to rate (relative marking) Baba, Obama, and GoI on issues as discussed above, my comparative rating will be: Baba- outstanding; Obama- good and GoI-bad. In government, annul performance is measured in the descending order of work quality- outstanding, very good, good, satisfactory, bad.
On above rating, any criticism against Baba is not convincing. Criticizing is the easiest work. But taking quality decisions in a charged atmosphere (in mobs) and emergency situation is a Herculean task. As professor, author may be excused on her views and tone. But the achievements of Baba can be realized only by a guy dealing in law and order as SDM, ADM, DM, DC. None other can get the real touch like this author. Inspite of all turmoil no casualty and everything passed off peacefully. What is the net result? Indian black money issue is an international issue and talk of the town.