Saturday, December 19, 2009

Why Management Schoolshould not do reserach on Obama?

When “noble prize” was conferred on Obama, it is proved now that he is (master manager = management guru) managing his business efficiently and perfectly like any highly successful manager. I am talking about his management, keeping in view all his odd conditions and situations. You can read my mind set form my letter what I am trying to say. Worldwide, there are so young leaders like him (Unlike Family/clan leaders, who get strong vote base and almost everything of politics from family side, all countries are having dynasty/family/ clan politicians) who will take up his path to reach the heights of the politics. If people like him will reach to the heights of the politics, this will deepen the root of the democracy worldwide. And then, it will be proved that particular country has both mature democracy and real developed status, like US. In my opinion some management related research on him should be done. On the findings of the research, we can tell the young leaders (without any base) of the world that they can be the future Mr. Obama of your country or any one else like him, if they follow and adopt the findings of the Mr. Obama management. The focus of the research should be his management techniques and management abilities and capabilities. How he managed to reached this height from zero (better, if we say negative seeing his odd conditions). Which management abilities brought him Noble? How is he managing the government? By which management techniques, he is making a balance among all major sections: government, Democratic Party, Republican Party and citizens. I hope this research will help:
1. The management techniques will make roads in political fields (public sector) particularly in underdeveloped and developing countries which are perceived as a greater partner of private business sector and not pubic sector.
2. It will develop real leaders all over the world, and in turn it will help the citizens as the real leader knows all country’s real problems/ issues.
3. This will send the root of the democracy in deep. Democratization rate will become faster of the countries worldwide.
4. It will enhance the pace of world economic growth as democratization will bring down the conflicts and malaises.

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