Thursday, December 24, 2009

A open letter to Rahulji for E-governance

Respected Rahulji,

Your father brought computer to India. Then, he faced great opposition on unemployment ground by the opposition leaders. But your father didn’t deter from criticism and he went ahead with his idea of computerization. Now, result is before all of us. In e-governance railways ticket reservation has benefited the general public. We don’t have another such example of e-governance in India which has benefited the general masses. Why? Did the minister who implemented and enforced this in railway was unique?
I think there is no dearth of such ministers in India who can’t do unique job like railway. Now, Indian voters are staring on you to make the e-governance a tool of general public to drive benefit out of it as dreamt by your father. In India lip services are not going to last long. In the welfare of general masses please choose at least two ministries whom do you think directly related to public services. Please give the ministers of these two selected ministries the task of implementing e-governance. If you get the success then it will benefit the public and it could be an election agenda point of government performance in upcoming election. To get the actual result, you have to monitor yourself on monthly basis.
Through e-governance, we can reduce the corruptions and malpractices in any ministry which directly affects the public in their day-to-day life. E-governance saves a lot of time and money from wastages and this enhances the overall efficiency of the society. You are the leader of young generation. Young generation is expecting more from you. Since you have seen the world you know the level of e-governance in other countries- US is at least 25 years ahead of us in e-governance in respect of its use in day-to-day life. So, you know the importance of E-governance better unlike the oldies. In order to enhance fruits in the crop, you need to provide manure and water to the plants planted by your father. Your little attention, heed and hint will accomplish the dream and desire of your father. Additionally, you will gain solid ground in young generation as it will complete their expectation with you as everybody knows that computer was introduced in India by late Rajivji. I hope my letter will get your attention in making India stronger.

Yours truly,
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