Saturday, December 19, 2009

An open letter to U N Resident Co-coordinator for India

I had written it On the occasion of 60th anniversary……
Dr. Maxine Olson
U N Resident Co-coordinator for India
Hon’ble Respected Sir,
On the occasion of 60th anniversary I congratulate to all highly esteemed UN people. U N is having so many successful stories, because its people work honestly to meet out the aim of the UN. The 60th UN anniversary is being celebrated as the YEAR of “CHILD HEALTH AND SURVIVAL”. In respect of my country India, I am of the opinion that until and unless the population explosion problem is not checked. The celebrity will not meet its aim. Under the leadership of UN so many National & International agencies are engaged in making my country India healthy and wealthy (developed one). What I see, the main obstacle in way is population of India. Most of the Indian family doesn’t know what the fruits of small family are and what are the negative/ill effect/harms of big family in our country’s situation, rules and regulations. Because of that unwanted population growth is in India. In my opinion we have yet not given due heed to sort out this glaring problem, which is the centre of all the problems and main obstacles in making my country India healthy &wealthy. All programs which were being launched in past or going on in the present for population control, are not able to give desired impact due to various reasons. In past(in emergency) there were some examples , because of that rule makers are not able to muster courage to start this national importance issue in a big way, because of this, the first & foremost issue(problem) of the country is last man of the row.

In prevailing situation we will have to see what are means available to get AIM, without annoying anybody.

All sorts of developmental activities have given the fruitful results, but unwanted growing population has cover-up it. That’s why we are not able to enjoy it, realize it and see it.
Like wise to make my Indian people healthy and without disease, different programmers are going on, like Polio Eradication, RCH, HIV/AIDS, and Leprosy etc. When Polio Project was launched, different types of problems came before us and we shorted it out, as different religious people opposes it by saying that it is against their religion. It is because they were misdirected, misconceived and lacking in knowledge. To short out these problem religious peoples were taken into confidence and they were being associated with the programme to convince their people and remove their misconception. Result was there and programme is success.

Similarly if we list the obstacles of problems/issue which will be faced in launching a programme /project to check population explosion. Generation of awareness campaign about the ills of large family size and fruits of the small family size –Those who opposes they should be given responsibility with strong monitoring system. In this religious heads, leaders, democratic set –up position holders, elected people of all position from top to bottom of the area, Govt. machinery from top to bottom of local can be associated to have desired results.

Transparency –Each & everyone associated with the programme should know all INS &outs of the programme /project. So that there should not be any confusion to avoid intra-politics and in-fighting. All associated should be given due respect and honor in-order to utilize full energy &capacity of associated people.
In this programme we will have to convince the people with love & affection, as we treat/ tackles nursery students (that approach), in their language, in their prevailing methods, & by their people. If project/ programme is properly drafted ,conceived and implemented with strong monitoring system, Though it looks a Herculean task, but it is not so. As per my field experience.
Our Hon’ble President of India in his newly published book “MAHASHAKTI BHARAT” he has raised his concern, very beautifully over the issue of unwanted population growth. The advice of our Hon’ble First man of India to our country men against the ills of population explosion is an eye opener to all of us. This shows that population explosion issue should be given due priority without any delay in national interest. By this book the Hon’ble first man of India has given the top/ due priority to unchecked unwanted population growth.
As by esteemed UN 60th anniversary is being celebrated as the “YEAR OF CHILD HEALTH AND SURVIVAL”. This motto in respect of my country can be met out only by launching the campaign against population explosion and Generation of awareness campaign through projects/ programme. The moment people starts having small family size i.e. the lesser the no. of kids in family, the richer the kids of the family every wise. I have a very detailed and overall picture, idea of the project, which I am not able to put here. I am just giving brief outline/sketch of the programme/project in order to meet the motto of 60th UN anniversary “YEAR OF CHILD HEALTH AND SURVIVAL”. In respect of my country. All thoughts are my personal in favour of national goodwill/benefit/welfare.
Now keeping above facts in view, Esteemed U N should make this issue as center of all its activities going on in India through its all associates &UN systems.

With regards, (Heera Lal)