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An innovative beginning-Management course for the politicians: MBA (Politics and Political affairs)

An innovative beginning-Management course for the politicians: MBA (Politics and Political affairs)
Indian politics is highly complex because India is a diverse country. We are not imparting knowledge to candidates who are willing to pursue politics as their career. No management institute is running such courses to impart politics related knowledge for Indian politicians. How to manage politics and political affairs, must be known to our country directors (Leaders: MPs and MLAs) in order to make India – as we are dreaming- a develop country. Now, India is regarded worldwide as deep rooted and well established democracy. To live up and maintain this worldwide goodwill in the fast changing environment Indian politicians must know:
1. How to choose a suitable constituency to contest election for MP or MLA.
2. What factors are to be considered while selecting constituency.
3. How to prepare ground in a selected constituency.
4. How to win the confidence of the voters.
5. What to do as non-elected representative.
6. What to do as elected representative.
7. How to operate field offices in constituency to have a continued touch with the voters and public.
8. What should be the behavior of a representative with voters and public, other political leaders and government officials etc?
9. How to earn goodwill of party office bearers to have a strong position in the party.
10. How to participate in legislative and parliament discussions in the houses in framing laws.
11. How to go up in the party hierarchy.
12. How to make a new party.
13. What minimum knowledge of the constitution is required
14. What minimum different legislative and parliament processes are required?
15. How to contest elections- methodology.
16. How to contest an economical election- election related financial management.
17. What minimum ethics to be followed by the Indian leaders/politicians?
18. How to make the required balance among government officials, voters, oppositions, media, party officials, ethics etc.
19. How to get work done of voters with government officials.
20. How to develop and prioritize the developmental activities in the constituency: schools, roads, hospitals, shelters, agriculture facilities etc.
21. How to raise funds for party and election.
22. How to use different types of funds to maximize the political benefit such as MP let and MLA let or any other grant.
23. How to manage complex and international media and media people.
24. What are the best current practices in politics within and outside the country?
25. Who are doing the best, their case study to learn and adopt good practices?
26. What characters should be developed as an ideal politician in Indian context?
27. How to manage the re-election in order to get reelected.

These are the few points. We can make this list more exhaustive by adding all other required issues related to Indian politics. There is a big question? Why we are not having management institutes/ schools awarding MBA for those who are aspiring the politics as career.
We have IIMs which develops world class managers for different types of materialistic managements. I think it is highly unfortunate for all of us that we are not developing or producing managers who are providing directions to our beloved country. A political leader (MP or MLA) with such MBA degree in politics and political affairs will possess required theoretical knowledge which will assist in practicing and in making him a productive and successful politician. As a result, politics quality of India will improve and dirt in politics would be cleaned gradually. I think all IIMs should take the lead and start such MBA course for those who want to pursue politics as career. It would be better, if the government of India and states government take lead and start a management institute/school on such lines to develop future leaders of required qualification. It is an innovative and new idea, but it is the demand and need of the hour because we dream to be developed very soon. To realize our dream to be a developed country, our country directors’ (MPs and MLAs) quality and qualification must improve. This is the easiest and simplest way of improvement. I think no political party and politicians will oppose this. And if it will be done, in future at a point of time, our all politicians will be learned and qualified and one the biggest and grave black spot on Indian polity would be erased. In this regard HRD ministry, Speaker of parliament of India and Election commission of India together can make a joint effort to make this new idea a ground reality. In my opinion, if it will happen it will change the face the Indian politics and Indian politicians and who will take this lead will be Mahatma Gandhi of modern Indian politics because Indian voters are strongly expecting that their representatives should not be thumb impression. In our constitution, there is no minimum qualification to be a candidate for a MP or a MLA. If we try to amend this by inserting some minimum educational level, it may lead to opposition. But through MBA (Politics and Political affairs) we can change and build such atmosphere gradually without any resistance. Politicians can make his qualification as point that he is having edge over other candidates during elections. It will be a boon for the dynasty/family/ clan politicians. They would be solid both ways theoretically and practically. Those who are earning money through institutions enterprises; it is a very new field without any competition. This is highly potent area from business point of view. Finally, this will lead to good governance which in turn will make our country more strong as it will get right and accurate required directions.

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