Saturday, April 12, 2014

Political Markeing: Personality Versus Party Politics

                    Political Markeing: Personality Versus Party Politics
Ongoing Parliament 2014 election has created a new issue. Which one is bigger Party or Personality. Abki baar Modi sarkar or Abki baar BJP sarkar. Reality is that Modi personality is hovering over the party BJP. There is nothing wrong in it . Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Obama are two cases to prove this.
Atal Bihari Vajpayee-led a 16-party National Democratic Alliance (NDA) to electoral triumph in the 1999 general elections. This was the saffron party's finest hour. Vajpayee's personal popularity was at its peak. The NDA led by him managed to cross the 300-seat mark in the Lok Sabha polls for the first time.
When party BJP was kept more than Atal's personality, it couldn't get get power. But when Persoanlity of Atal was give priority over party, BJP got power. Atal persued a personality politics, but it was not in focus like now because of his accetablity in other parties.
None raised this issue. Atal has more friend and no foe based on his soft and democratic style. The only differenec is that he was more mild, democratic and acceptable than Modi. Hence this thing was not much in limelight as compared to Modi.
BJP has now a personality cult of its own that beats all other personality cults. An authoritarian leader has replaced ideology, discussion, dialogue or dissent. The party, and even possibly RSS, has been marginalised.
Rajnath Singh realised the magnitude of what has changed when he made the mistake of tweeting: 'Ab ki baar, BJP sarkar'. In 32 minutes flat he had to withdraw his tweet because the only slogan that matters now is 'Ab ki baar, Modi sarkar'.