Friday, April 25, 2014

AAP After Election-2014

                        In the world of politics, the AAP is akin to an open source movement. It’s leader, Arvind Kejriwal, is, in some sense, a pioneer like Linus Torvalds. He and his party have a defined a broad framework within which they operate - direct transparent funding, open candidate selection process, decentralization, no high command, people empowerment, involving people in decision making, and commitment to the implementation of strict laws that act as deterrents. The purpose of the movement is to “change the politics of the country,” while the mission is to end corruption, dynasty politics, communalism, and criminals in politics. The vision is to achieve transparency, reform, and accountability in government. 
                               The AAP is here to stay, irrespective of how the polls turn out, because its fundamental framework is sound and sensible, just as Linux and Windows continue to co-exist. What it offers today to the electorate is a refreshing, clean, honest alternative packed with good intentions, something of the kind the nation has never witnessed. The choice of whether to embrace it or to ignore it, and how soon, is entirely up to the people. There is no “hard sell,” there is no Machiavellian master plan to take over the country, and there is no ambiguity about what AAP has to offer. What you see is what you get - It’s WYSIWYG!