Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Modi Marketing

   Political marketing: More Opposition Means More Acceleration for Modi
                     Indian election to Parliament 2014 is in full swing. Now all, national or regional, are opposing Modi politically and persoanlly. They all are conflicting with him but not his party. This opposition is increasing his tally every day.                            
                    Oppose less to checking his fast growth needs slowing his opposition on the part of opponents.. Confronting him means acceleration for Modi. Initially Modi effect was there. But his intense opposition is gradually converting his effect into a wave. Still  wave in not generated but effect is felt.
                      All political actors, parties are at loggerheads with Modi not BJP. This also helped him in making him the BigBoss of BJP. In this light opposition helped him more than he helped himself or his party in becoming the supremo in his own party.                    
                     Initial poll survey, opinion poll and forecast gave Modi fractured mandate. But now opinion polls and forecasts are revealing absolute majority from last week. How this happen. Who contributed more in this. Its answer is very simple- Opposition of the competitors. 
                     Frequent and intense opposition convince the floating voters about his might. Voters understand that he is in fight with all and all along. Hence, they are siding with Modi in natural process. This way as election are approaching to end, his MP number is increasing with enemies help.
                     Modi must thank to all opponents for this help. Like in photography, positive comes with negative, he is getting positive with negative accusations. At the outset of the election he was less in focus of parties. But slowly and slowly his opposition keeps increasing. This gives him mileage. 
                     His excellent marketing plan and media management are keeping him in lead. Social media and 3D modern tool are his new  weapon to have lead with  competitors. Unlike others, he is managing his campaign on world-class techniques and managements. Above all his advance planning and start leaves other adversaries behind.
                     He is unique in 3D technology use worldwide. He is the first to use this technology in his assembly election of Gujarat in 2012. Now this experimented tool is a boon for him in his ongoing election. This proves him an innovator and attracts young and net savvy  voters. No other country is using this. Hence, he is showing the way to world leaders.
                     Social media came in limelight in 2008 USA election. It helped Obama in making him President. After this, this new media as political tool are getting ground gradually worldwide. Recent Delhi assembly election proved its might in Indian elections. AAP used it like Obama and Arvind Kejriwaal became Chief Minister within a year.
                    Though all parties have realised its potential, but Modi is much ahead among all in using it as tool. He copied Obama in social media use. As a result the tool helped him a lot in making his image. With social media he keeps connected with engaged with high class gentry who are net savvy. 
                     Net user class  helps him in making favourable opinion. His social media use is well calibrated and planned like Obama election of 2008. These two tools are keeping him always ahead of others in race. His luck is supporting him. Luck is converting all  his odds and negatives into favours and positives.
                    In internet age, old style of campaign and election management is getting obsolete gradually. Those who are more emphasising on old style are lagging. Here Modi is unmatched. He started his campaign long back in September 2011 with his much-hyped three -day fast for communal harmony. After this, he is campaigning non-stop. He election and campaign management is world-class with respect to Indian standard.
                  In elections political actors and parties sell social products to voters. Voters are market and catch for politicians. Projects, programs, promises, good governance, new welfare policies, ideas and schemes are social products. Almost national and regional parties are having marketable social products. Bu if marketing is weak, product would not be sold. Modi Marketing is acknowledged by oppositions too.
              Modi marketing, world class campaign managing, early starting and new technology tools are chariots to keep Modi in lead not BJP.

Heera Lal (views are personal and academic based on different sources)


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