Friday, February 13, 2015

Delhi Assembly Election 2015: All Won

              Delhi Elecetion Result 67 out of 70 made AAP ruling party in Delhi assembly. In this election, three main parties contested- Congress, BJP and AAP. First two are national parties while third is two and and half year old.
Now all are saying that AAP has won. And Congress and BJP have lost. No, this is not true at all. In this all three contestants have won in some ways. This election has a result of Win-Win situation for all three.

              AAP has won, we all know. How Congress won? We need to understand it. Actually Congress was confused after the consecutive defeat after Lok Sabha what to do. BJP's continuous win blocked the way of congress- and forced it to stop. After  Delhi election result, BJP's speed will decelerate and congress will move from standstill.
              Congress being a national party, this change in situation is a big win. Delhi defeat has converted the stopped party into a moving one all over the conuntry. This boosted morale of party nationwide. Hence, loosing a small state election has boosted the party nationwide. We can compare the outcome of a national party with a local party. Loss and gain, the net result is gain.

                 Now question is how BJP has won. Yes,it is. Delhi is not a full state. It is basically a super elevated Municipal corporation. AAP contested and won this election focusing on Urban Good Governance.
                The 3 seats out of 70 has sent a shocking ripple to  BJP all over the country. Now they are bound to correct and rectify for next coming elections of Bhiar etc.
                 By loosing Delhi, BJP will take all coorective measure in Bihar and others. This means by lossing Delhi it has improved the future prospect in Bihar and others. In net this defeat will remove many mistakes done after Loksabha election. Particularly arrogance and overconfidence will evaporate. This loss will heavily compensate in future. This defeat is positive for BJP taken in right spirit. Every crisis is an opportunity. 

Moreover we can not compare a local party with a national party on one indication of winning seats.