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An e-Man

I was reading UN e-Government Survey-2014. In the acknowledgement pages, i found only one name from India- Mr Rajkumar Prasad. I connected him and called for his CV. His CV reflects that he is an e-Man by heart and soul.  He is an assest and right person for our digital India Program. His CV is as given below:

Rajkumar Prasad
B5/2, IInd Floor, Model Town –I, Delhi-110009
Phone   : +91-9810063137    


eVillage, eTown, eState, eAsia, eAfrica, eAmerica, eAustralia ,eEurope,eWorld),eCitizens, eMunicipality,eMLA, eMP,eParliament, eCabinet, eMinister,eDepartment, eAdministrator, eAdministration with eGrowth with e-Business for Every Citizens in World. Through 4P in eGovernance –Making life Easier and Happier

KEA(Key Experience Area)-
-International cooperation and multilateral diplomacy
-All Member States and the United Nations, collectively, benefit from greater knowledge on how to operate in the multilateral setting and perform effectively and efficiently.
-Diplomatic Negotiation and Public Diplomacy in Multipolar world
-Multilateral Conference/Forum and Diplomacy
-Policy Diplomacy and Partnership in Growth
-Cosmopolitan Diplomacy- Engaging Private Sector, NGO and Academician
-Linking Tourism, Culture, climate (Green Diplomacy) and Economy Diplomacy (Trade and Investment) Health,Water,Agriculture ,food, sanitation, (Sustainable Development Diplomacy for Poverty Eradication) ,Media and eSocial Media Diplomacy Cooperation
-Government to Government Diplomacy
-Digital Diplomacy and Partnership
-Transformational Knowledge for Development
-Public Private People Partnership(4P) Diplomacy
-Regional Diplomacy
-Infrastructure, Economic and Capacity Development
-Political Stability and Political Diplomacy
- Socio-Economy Development through Financial Inclusion and Micro-finance using ICT

Proficiency Forte:

I have 14 years of experience in area of Government as well Multilateral /Bi-Lateral and my role has been advisory for exploring the innovative
I am actively working with various stakeholders such as Policy makers, thinkers, Multilateral  agencies (World Bank, ADB, UN, ITU, UNITAR etc) and advising them on partnering between Industry, Civil Societies and the Government for the maximum benefit of the society

Professional/Work  Experience in e-Governance/ICT:
·               Srijan Solutions Pvt Ltd- January -2000- to October 2003 , Patna-Delhi
Networking with Government and PSUs for use and implantation of e-commerce & e-Governance and its various technologies for e-Government.

·               Alphabet Media Pte Ltd- November 2003 to  June 2004 Singapore ( Based in India as    Associate Editor-Technology)
·               C1 India P Ltd  -  July 2004 to August 2006  ( eProcurement Company),  
Handle and create new business accounts and opportunities with various Government Department as well PSUs .eProcurement application through Direct tie-up with Department and through Public Private Partnership(ASP Model) New Tender Management, Mapping with Client.

·               Commonwealth Centre for e-Governance India –September 2006 – June 2008
eProcurement program with World bank, ADB- Four program in two year , Formalization of program,topic .policy discussion, speaker selection (from State IT Secy), World Bank, International Expert, from Corporate world. South Asia Region.(It is NGO)
·               3i Infotech Ltd (Formerly ICICI Infotech Ltd) as ICT4D Strategist (Sales)-South Asia  July 2008, Delhi, India (South Asia Division) and continue till September 2009.
Bring sales and consultancy work in area of various e-Governance project in India, Business Development/ New Business creation through direct sales(without tender) , Before bidding new opportunity creation , take part in tendering process, Pre  tender terms and condition in Advance. Creation of business target funnel( July 2008 to September 2009)

·               Tender Management, Tendering process of Central and State Government along with PSUs. Experience ,International Tendering Process experience , RPF, RFQ,EOI , sales ,direct sales ,Business Development and  Co-ordination with pre-sales team.
Consultancy /Implementation ( e-Governance/IT)
·               Samin Tekmindz India Pvt Ltd ,Noida  October 2009 to June 2012-e-Governance and ICT  Head e-Governance (e-Government Vertical), India. Services Sales into Government ( Central Government/State Government in South Asia  and African Region)
·               OCR Services Inc (USA)- July 2012 and continued, Head Sales/BD South Asia, eCustoms, Single Window System for Trade, Export-Import Compliances, Watch list Screening etc.

Notable Professional Accomplishments -
Since year 2000, I have achieved success in the areas of –

·               CCEG Organized six programs in two years (2006-2008) for IT secretaries with World Bank and ADB which made eProcurement mandatory in year 2006 in India. Well connected with World bank , and other Multilateral agencies as well Bi Lateral Agency
·               Formed “ Global Environment and Peace Parliament in 2000
·               Formed Institute for e-Governance and Development in 2005
·               Regional Coordinator for  Peace in 2000 by UN University for Peace
·               Worked for Tsunami  Relief (Use of IT for Relief )
·               Advisory Board member in Modern Technology and Management Inc. (MTMI) USA
·               Nominated for Tech Museum Awards 2003 USA in Education Category
·               Editorial Board member of Journal of e-Business USA
·               Editorial Board Member  International Journal of Electronic Governance Publish by Inderscience Publishers
·               Head- Indian Centre of Excellence for Electronic Government (Joint Research centre with St Gallen University Switzerland) and The Commonwealth Centre for Electronic Governance India chapter (E-Government Barometer-One year Research project)

Internationally, I have delivered Invited lectures at the following Program/Forum

Ø          eAfrica 2002 at Johannesburg- South African Government and UNDESA- Invitation by Minister Public Administration, UN and Worldbank
Ø     4th Global Forum , UN, World Bank and Morocco Government (Invitation by Morocco   Prime Minister- Marrakesh)
Ø     ROCAI  China and UNDESA,UNPAN  Program Invitation 2003,2004,2005,   Sanghai   from India

Ø     ADB Institute and UNESCAP and Public Procurement Services South Korea, Seoul   20-25 June 2005

Ø     Korean Training Centre and Development Gateway Foundation 2005 Training on e-Governance Seoul South Korea.
Ø     Good Governance for Development , Govt  of Jharkhand ,Ranchi, 2005, India
Ø     African IT Conference Johannesburg 2006
Ø     UNGC (Invited  by UNDESA for UN Governance Centre , Seoul Korea ) 2006
Ø     Invitation by Informedia Russia-Moscow 2007 for e-Governance conference
Ø     Guro Mayor- South Korea Invitation for eParticipation and Mayor conference) 2007
Ø     UN ,Vienna –Austria- Invitation by UNDESA for 7th Global Forum 2007
Ø     Invitation from CASA ASIA Spain – Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of Spain 2007, Barcelona as International Speaker.
Ø     At Government Technology Award in Phuket  from PSTM,  Thailand 2007
Ø     UNITAR Scholarship for Master Training DIGITAL LOCAL AGENDA FOR MUNICPAL GOVERNANCE –BILBAO SPAIN 31 March to 5th April 2008
Ø     UNITED NATIONS(UN)  Invitation (Only Indian from Asia) as e-Government expert at  UN head office New York ,December 2008.(For UN eGovernance Survey 2010 for 192 member countries)
Ø     UN Invitation for presentation in Geneva May 2009  on eGovernment and PPP during WSIS 2009(World Summit for Information Society)
Ø     Invited International Speaker by State Information Technology Agency(SITA)  and Ministry of Public Administration, Government of South Africa, GovTech 2009 ,Durban , (13-17 September 2009)
Ø     World e-Parliament Conference 3rd  -5th  November 2009, USA(Organised by US Senate ,UN, IPU)
Ø     Invitation for  European e-Governance Ministerial conference Malmo(Swedan) (18th -20th  November 2009)
Ø     Invited by UNDESA for Roundtable on Governance and Applications of ICTs for Achieving the MDGs in the Asia-Pacific region  Bangkok Thailand (9 to 10th December 2009)
Ø     ICAPS Invitation by Microsoft March 2010, Thailand
Ø     UN e-Government Report 2010( Name has been acknowledged by UN in this report from India)
Ø     UN Invitation for WSIS 2010 Geneva 13th -14th May 2010
Ø     Invitation from Government of Catalonia ,Spain and UN for UN Public Service Day Program and Award  , Bercelona, Spain June 20th  to 24th , 2010
Ø     Invitation from Government of Libya for e-Governance program through Indian Embassy Tripoli ,1st  to 6th  June 2010
Ø     UNESACP Expert Group Meeting on ICT, Bangkok Thailand 23th  to 25th November 2010
Ø     UNDESA , Expert Group Meeting on UN 2012 e-Governance ,New York  6th to 7th  December 2010
Ø     Commonwealth Telecommunication Organization(CTO) E-Government Connecting Rural Communities (CRC) Asia Forum 17th  to 19th  January 2011 , Jaipur India
Ø     Advisor to the Project  E-Governance in China Index (May 2011) ,Hangzhou,Good Governance International(GGI), California ,USA
Ø     UN 2012 e-Government report expert member from India-Acknowledge  in Report
Ø     ASSOCHEM e-Governance Committee member 2012
Ø     Invitation for Global Outsourcing Summit July 2012 Kunming City China (organized by APCEO, Supported by Kunming Municipal Corporation, Ministry of Commerce PRC )
Ø     UN e-Government  Expert Group Meeting on UN 2014 e-Government Report- 3rd to 5th December 2012, Newyork, USA
Ø     UN Invitation for WSIS 2013 , Geneva , May 2013
Ø     UN PSA Invitation, Baharin , Manama, June 2013
Ø     UN High Level eParticipation Meeting Invitation Geneva ,July 2013
Ø     Rwanda IT Minister Invitation for Transforming Africa, Kigali, 28-30 October 2013
Ø     Global Forum Invitation Paris- Global Forum 2013, Trieste ,Italy October 2013
Ø     Invitation for Korea Policy Centre-OCED- Centre for Good Governance ,Govt of AP at Hyderabad as Speaker , 6-7 November 2013 on eGovernance for India: Opportunities, Challenges and Policy Alternatives’
Ø     Digital Divide – The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU)  Report –London November 2013
Ø     Expert member for UN eGovernment Report 2014 and UN Public Service June ,Seoul,South Korea June 2014
Ø     Invited Panelist for CTO Forum, CTO and Government of Bangladesh , Dhaka, September 2014
Ø     UNCTAD Invitee for WSIS program review October 2014, UNESCAP Bangkok

Notable Academic Accomplishments –

·               Paper published in FICCI and World Bank report on e-Governance 2003
·               Editorial Board Member for International Journal of Electronic Governance (Inderscience)
·               Editor Board member for European Technology Journal
·               Paper published in International Public Administrative Conference
·               Paper published in e-Society program Portugal
Certifications & Education:

·               Certification in Information Technology from

Ø     UNPAN (United Nations Public Administration Network) in e-Governance
Ø     Development Gateway Foundation and Korean Training Centre, Seoul ,South Korea(DGF-KTC) in e-Governance
Ø     Netherland Society for Young Leadership
Ø     ADBI and Colombo Staff College e-Community Centre and Development
Ø     Harvard  University  Executive Program- Shared Services in the Public Sector Summit 2010,11,12 , Kennedy School of Government, Cambridge ,MA.USA
·               Bachelor of Science.
·               Diploma in Management

Key Interests:  

·               Developmental Technology and emerging technology that meets today’s and future challenges for social economic development especially in Developing economic countries and least develop countries.
·               Development of  ICT applications for peace, harmony and environmental sustainability
·               Social Services and involvement with civil societies for human development and poverty reduction.
·               Network (Mobile/Broadband) for ICT and e-Governance application and solutions for new emerging e-governance needs globally and regionally
·               Next Generation Enterprise based e-Governance
·               E-Governance Exchange
·               Next Generation IT, Solutions, Network and Connectivity for e-Governance
·               Future e-Governance for Future Generation digital  Citizens and digital economic
·               Connect with Governmental ,Intergovernmental as well Multilateral  organization
·               eMP, eMLA, eVidhan Sabaha, eParliament,eVoting

Founder- Federation of Indian Electronic Commerce and Industry.
Founder  India first E-COMMERCE magazine 2001 ( Registered with RNI )
Commonwealth Centre for e-Governance
Emotional Intelligence with Right Attitude. Focused Approached to achieve the Goal with 3D(Dedication, Devotion and Determination). Go getter, self starter, simple and polite, workaholic with time management. Innovation and Innovative Approach Leads to Success with Development.