Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Agricultue The Backbone of Indian Economy

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Agricultue The Backbone of Indian Economy

This post details about a department or its progam/project of Government of Uttar Pradesh. We need to Read it And Share it. The question is why to do so ? 

1. Reading enrich our knowledge. Knowledge is power. Hence, this reading is empowering us to make us strong.
2. Avail the benefits/ fruits of the department and its program/project By knowing the Detail and Procedure of the progam/project.
3. Share this post as doing a social activity. This your sharing benefits in acquiring the fruits mentioned above in Point One And Two for our friends and foes alike.

Official site of Chief Minister office:

Official Site of UP Government :

81 Departments Site:

Agriculture Policy At A Glance
Areas for Promotion of Agriculture

Agriculture Research and Education in Utar Pradesh

Agriculture Department Nubmer Three:

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