Saturday, March 22, 2014

Why Not Online Voting In India If Canada And Estonia Uses It.

                              India Must Take A  Lead In Adopting Technology Like EVM.
                       India must take a lead in adopting online voting technology. We need to bat it. From Ballot to EVM and now online voting can serve our purpose. Worldwide online voting is in use and Why not India is adopting it. India is ahead of USA and many developed countries in adopting EVM successfully long back.
                  Canada has been near the forefront. In all, 80 Canadian cities and towns have experimented with Internet voting in municipal elections. The town of Markham, in Ontario, has offered online ballots in local elections since 2003.
                   But when it comes to national elections, Estonia is the clear leader. The tiny Baltic nation (its population of 1.3 million is roughly the size of San Diego) has allowed online voting for all of its citizens since 2007. In this year's election, nearly one in four votes was cast online, according to its elections commission.

Heera Lal ( Views are personal and based on different sources)