Monday, March 31, 2014

My BIG Social Connect For Good Governance

              The social media has changed,impacted, affected the life of public actors. It is a new medium along with others to sell social products.  There are two public actors in our democratic set-up: one, bureaucracy (babus, pubic servants) and political leaders. Both are two sides of a coin. Our babus has not realized its potential as of now, but a big start has been made in our politics.
               As per concept, both serve the public for their welfare without any favor or gain. It means they are engaged in providing free services to general masses for their happiness. Social media proved an fast, effective and cheap tool in 2008 USA election. Since then, efforts are on to adopted it as a new political tool worldwide by political actors. On this front a great success is achieved in India like other country in Loksabha election 2014.
            Social media is not able to make desired roads in government sector as per its potential in India. A minor start has been made. Here, we need to work to harness its potential for improving good governance. and marketing social products. To sell social products of government in the form of projects, programs, ideas etc. of different departments, it is a means with us. Those who are aware and innovative are taking its help at personal level on their won risk in discharging their duties. An intervention is required. My BIG Social connect for good governance: