Friday, October 26, 2012

Re-Elected Barack

                                            Forecast: Barack re-elected in last debate
             In 2008, Americans elected Obama president of USA. But in 2012, they re-elected Barack as president. The word change we can made him the most powerful person on the earth. In all probability, he will not repeat his big margin of 365. But he will not get less than 300 this time. Winning will be thin but comfortable.
           Third debate on foreign policy was a boon for Barack. The challenger tacitly and indirectly accepted his political acumen. Mitt agreed on many issues and congratulated him on Osama killing issue. He could not propose any better alternative before nation on foreign policy.
           Facts and figures show the formal decision will be on November 6, 2012. But real decision has been taken by voters on the day of third debate. This day and debate is the turning point of US election 2012.
           Learned voters evaluate in view of all facts and situations. Barack is not responsible for any ailment with which country is infected. Be it economy, unemployment, war outside the country etc. He entered into white house as president in the worst situation. First, he checked ongoing deterioration and then tried his best to bring things on track. Recession and meltdown inside and outside the nation was the biggest challenge for him to face with.
           Dr Barack will cure all ailments by medicine Obamacare. First, he experiments his treatment on Romensia.  He is an excellent election manager and fundraiser. After second debate graph starts going up gently. Third debated accelerated it. Now election keeps on building in favor of Barack.
            Unlike 2008, 2012 election is being contested on social issue. Then the issue of change was very much visible. But this time invisible under current on social issue- market versus social-has brought the win to Barack. It is a matter of announcement of result. Result is already prepared and will be shown on due date of 6th Nov.
            Above statement (my forecast well in advance) is not without mathematical calculation and proof. With the help of social and political marketing tools and techniques, it is evaluated and proved. Based on mathematical analysis Barack will win more than 300 of 540.
      A buzz/gossip of close contest. This all is manipulation, management money game. BO is winning for sure,with bottom margin of 300. Media is just trying to see their news by creating a slogan like its neck and neck and close-contest. These are all media marketing products.

Heera Lal
( Views are personal and based on different references)