Thursday, October 4, 2012

Political Marketing: Win in Defeat

 First debate shows Mitt Offensive and Barack defensive. Barack is now an  experienced political player. He know better how to manage a national election than Mitt. He focused and begged four more year to bring fruits  in trees which he planted. It is well established that election's strong momentum are impulsive in nature. Election day is far ahead. It is difficult to maintain the momentum generated in first debate till election day. By this defeat, strategically, he wished to consolidate his vote bank. With this defeat he will muster the support of his middle and below voters in sympathy. From Political marketing point of view, his trick to gather sympathy of voters is a success. His defeat in debate will bring win on 6 Nov. election.
Money and Management are two vital issues in a election. Barack raised the highest fund form diverse community. His fund management acumen is proved. In election management, he has no match, he harnessed the potential of ICT and net for the first time in 2004. This is the reason, he is called Internet president. This time, he is applying all tricks of political managements and marketing. Through a political trick, he gave a walkover to his challenger in his first debate of 2012 election. Its meaning is hidden and can be accessed by reading between the lines.

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