Thursday, August 2, 2012

Anna and His Idea of Political Party

                      Today the Indian fight against corruption in the leadership of Anna team took a U turn. There are many angles to this decision. Some are saying this movement will die a natural death like Baba Jai Guru Deo's Doordarshi party. Some are of view, they are agents of other  parties against the ruling party etc. One thing is very clear and loud. This team is able to make Corruption a visible issue in Indian elections. They have created India as a whole  a constituency for this which is the very first step to achieve a goal. The survival of the team solely depends upon this issue. If public will see that this team is making it a tool to gain political power, i am sure they will get same result like T N Shesan.
                      Since team is made up of learned and well proven persons, i am of view that team will take the right course to fulfill the desire of public rather than making it a means to gain political power. In such movements, turning points are needed to maintain the momentum of the issue. Except Anna team, none is in  front to take up this. No doubt, like me almost all Indians are supporting this movement from their places in different modes and ways. Public has now got one more responsibility to keep and see this team going in the desired direction of fight against corruption. If we will  see that team is deviating from path, we will try to correct them.
                     The Ghandhian style says oppose wrong doers non violently that is peace fully. Team tried it by organizing protests and able to muster support worldwide. Now to make a political party to have a parliament at each village level is not a bad idea. Anna did this in his village. If he will replicate the same, he will be able to develop about 6.5 lakh social leaders like him all over the country. India lives in the villages. If he will have one Anna in each village, certainly he will have more better result than the current style. Each style has a life time to be effective and relevant. Certainly this style of protesting needs change.
                     At outset it looks very awkward- Anna and Politics. Sure, if they will behave the way our present political actors are doing, they will decay quickly. They need to form a political party having entirely diffident approach- must be away from corruption and transparent. Though apparently, it is not looking very suitable idea, but team can convert this odd.
                      Now team has a big challenge, how to tallier this forming of political party idea into the shape of fight against corruption to keep public faith intact. Keeping the past record in view, I am of opinion that team will able to cut and design the new cloth ( idea of forming political party) in a shape fitting to fight against corruption movement.