Saturday, May 14, 2011

Servant leadership

Servant leadership: I saw the definition and concept coined by great organizational guru Robert K. Greenleaf. A person with intense desire to serve will finally land to lead and will take the command of leadership, How?

Strong desire forces a person to serve the people by heart and soul. This will develop a lot many followings

(among to whom services are provided) gradually. And finally, he will be the leader of the community being served.

Leadership is the consequences of intense desire to serve, so to serve is the first and foremost quality of a servant leadership.

From above (which is my understanding about the servant leadership?) concept when I evaluate myself, found myself a perfect servant leadership.

I am a permanent career bureaucrat in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India. As per my job profile, state government transfers me to different locations and in different capacity as overall administrator (ruler) and commander of the jurisdiction assigned. My strong internal desire to serve the public promotes me to serve the people in a better way. My better services gave me goodwill and confidence of public to whom I served and finally I became their leader. In the servant leadership criteria, I found my style of functioning a complete fitting.

As Mayer of Municipality provided quality and expected timely services to public and finally was more popular than an elected leader of the area. Similarly, in natural disaster, managed relief activities as per the expectation of public in district Farrukhabad, went and walked in deep water to manage efficiently. As a result overnight I became hero in public and media. The desire to serve forces me to walk deep into water for more than 5 kilometers to take stock of situation first hand. Wherever I was posted, I became leader by serving public qualitatively and timely.

Though still in job, but the strong desire compelled me to serve. So I launched my own site to make people happy by resolving conflicts and counseling to provide right path, direction. This activity is in parallel to my permanent job which is free of cost. If one will read my site thoroughly, one can easily read my mindset and thought process without any fail.

Since my mindset, style of working and thinking is matching with the Guru Robert K. Greenleaf, so I would like to associate with your Greenleaf center to further the mission of servant leadership concept.

Please guide me future course of action. Hoping a prompt reply.