Saturday, May 14, 2011

Perform or Go

The slogan ‘The change we can believe in’ made Obama President because he proved himself as agent of change during his election. Likewise Mamta also projected and proved herself as a agent of change against mighty CPM and got thumping majority. Both are good public figure- being not corrupt and fighter for public causes. Obama made history by becoming first black president while Mamta made history by devastating 34 years strong citadel of CPM.

The assemblies election is very much affected by Baba Ram Dev and Anna, but not visible. Baba planted tree to fight against corruption through his Swabhiman awareness campaign and Anna irrigated it by sitting on Jantar Mantar. This way duo paves the way to charge the battery against corruption, non-performer and bad governance. The recently charged atmosphere helps in bring down the non performer-WB and corrupt-TN and promoted Tarun Gagoi as he acted otherwise to perform- astonishing third time come back.

Keeping the result of Shiv Raj Chauhan(MP), Shila Dixit(Delhi), Narendra Modi(Gujrat),Nitish Kumar(Bihar) and Tarun Gagoi(Assam) in view, we can say to regain power in India politics, CMs have to perform now. This is a good trend and happy news for Indians. The main hurdle in performance is corruption. This also implies, now public will not tolerate corruption on the part of public and political actors. This is well proved if we see in the light of self- giving support of public to AnnaJi.

Thanks and Regards,

Heera Lal

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