Wednesday, November 9, 2016

TATA management Crisis Is An Opportunity For RATAN TATA

I have a very high regard for TATA Sons and TATA Tusts. TATA lives for values. It is difficult for anyone to carry all along values as it requres hard sacrifices. Upholding values for 148 years is a hard task to achieve. Public have indeapth faith and Trust in TATA. This is the core strength of the Tata. TATA is unparallel brand of private sector worldwide. We all Indians are proud of TATA brand. Any damage in anyway to TATA is not the damage of TATA rather it is loss of the couuntry as it is Indian brand about which we boast of and proud of. 

Recent and ongoing crisis is a test for TATA and TATA management. Every Crisis is an OPPORTUNITY. I request Sri Ratan Tata Ji please take whole thing in this light. Taking this crisis as an opportunity will bring you a  bright results which you have never imagined. There is another reason to support this point. TATA has earned a huge good will of massess all along its 148 years of life by its good deeds done. Like many, my good wishes are with you Sri RATAN TATA JI. This crisis has brought you an opportunity to come out with flying colours sooner than later. 
Good wish And Good Luck
Heera Lal

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