Friday, December 19, 2014

An Open letter to MD Facebook India

Hi, Good Morning Kirthiga, MD FB India
I am on facebook since long back.

My fb account is
To know my detail you reach to my social site
 social media is a political tool after Obama as he relalised and used. During my MPA From Maxwell SU i did a project how to use social media in Indian elections. After five years, Modi got it and proved it in India like Obama. Rest are following his trails.
Likewsie, We government officials can use it. I have visiualised it and working by a page on FB:
I wish to associate with you to catalize my this innovative idea.
This will connect pepole in rurual area where still FB is not have desired peneteration. This is new potent mareket left for social media to market social products. To understand, Pl have a look about of the  my fb page. You will  get the idea what is in my dream.
Here all stake holders Government, Public, FB and finally me too will have win-win opportunity. Whole concept is with me, Which i wish to share and discuss with you in person too, to bring AND expedite it on ground to impcat a big change in our society to improve good governance.
I hope via this mail am able to convince you about the outline of the innovative idea/ dream
hope to hear sooner than latter.
 With warm reagards and respect.
Heera Lal

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