Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Political Marketing: PM Modi After Election- An Analysis

                   Political Marketing:  PM  Modi After Election- An Analysis
            The Prime Minister of India is on American tour. His tour is getting more light than expected. There are many reasons for it. But three of them are more prominent. One is his visa denial on a controversial issue for decade which is an imprint on Americans' mind. Two is NRIs' hope in PM Modi's style of working. Three is making an all out effort to re-establish and rebuild confidence of  business class worldwide.
            Modi won majority beyond expectation. He got majority due to young voters' siding with him. Modi is an advance planner and implementer to get desired results. For 2014 election, he started campaign  more than two years ago on a well chalked out plan. He was highly successful in his experiment. Now, he is focussing how to repeat in next election of 2019. He has given hints to this effect at different points of time in public meetings and discussions.
            To be successful in his next mission, he has an outline what to do. And accordingly, he is moving and taking steps.  He knows, it is the young voters who will again play a significant  role. So, he needs to keep their affiliations with him. Underemployment and   unemployment are twin issues to control them. Job creation for them is the key to keep their mandate.
            PM Modi is trying an all out effort to create opportunities for young voters. To achieve this, he first set his house in order. He gave a clear and loud message to his government officials and party workers- Perform or Go. He is heading government and in full command. This is half. To make it full, he needs command of the party too. To get command of the party, he is successfully and smoothly got elected his close confidant  Amit Shah, as the President of his party BJP.
            In his party and government, all are very clear about his intentions.  PM modi has marketed well his intentions. There is no chance of any confusion. After settings his house in order, he stated touring  to regain and rebuild faith in India for bilateral businesses. In last five years, an atmosphere of  policy paralysis and inaction prevailed. These reduced the faith of business class in India worldwide. This hit hard job creation. Hence, the youth did not get livelihood, that is in the form of job, work or any business.
            By foreign tours, PM Modi is trying to re-establish the lost confidence of business class. He is trying to clarify all the confusions in their mind. In this effort, over a power-packed breakfast meeting with captains of eleven large American Corporations, he wooed them for big -ticket investments to develop India's infrastructure and create more jobs and enhance the quality of life.
            Modi (2014) followed Obama's(2008) style of campaign. Obama did experiment with internet and social media. Likewise, Modi experimented 3D technology and social media. Following campaign footsteps of Obama, Modi got landslide victory like him. Obama repeated in 2012 for his second term of presidency. Repeated result was more than expectation.
             Just after 2008 result, Obama focussed on 2012 election with a well chalked-out plan to repeat. He started working on it from the very start of his first term. As a result, he re-elected with good margin. Similarly, Modi is working on a plan which will provide him another term of PMship. He, already has started efforts to continue as PM for at least two terms following obama's trails.
            What big aim as politician Modi should have except repetition of  PMship.  He is a world class political marketeer. Hence, he is marketing to sustain in office at least for ten years by good governance. There is nothing wrong in it from political angle as it is not harming anyone in anyway.

Heera Lal ( views are own and based on different referances)
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