Sunday, August 24, 2014

Make In India

      I agree partially. Deleting control means inviting and giving free hand to profit maximisation attitude of the companies. This will lead to more harm than good to public. Real estate and other activities are good example to prove the point. Builders never give delivery in time promised. They made measurement fraud and low qulaity construction. In absense of effective control dwellers are suffering.
     Likewise, it is good to reudce the discretion of personality drivend decesions. But deleting it not advisable in our Indian conditions where consumers are little aware about it and have very low capacity to achive it by leagal remedies.
     Removing control will lead to anarchy. Then animal herd will not know where to go how to go when to go why to go and confusion will be created. Hence Make-In- India needs promotion and attention. Its nice  that our Prime Mininster is giving due importance to it. 
      Ratio of manufacturing and trading is a comlex issue. Both live together in equlibrium is must for healthy and prosperous economy.