Friday, January 24, 2014

Protest By A Chief Minister

               Political Marketing: Protest By A Chief Minister
Now again, Aam Admi Party (AAP) is in focus. Recent Protest by Arvind Keriwal(AK) chief minister (CM) and his cabinet forced public to think about its profits and losses for the health of  AAP. In general, public opinion is not favorable to it. General views are more on harm side than good. But, protest was must from political marketing angle.
This is an open secret that AK did not favor to form government at personal level as he confessed publically. But some in party and outside situation forced him to do so. Delhi is not having full statehood. Law and order, safety and governance are first and foremost issues. Ironically, Government of India (GoI) by home ministry controls Delhi police. How CM Delhi can give desired result in such circumstances when both governments are at loggerheads.
AAP assessed the prevailing conditions. To bring Delhi officials into control, they seized this opportunity. Focusing on police, this protest was organized to give many messages. One, officials must learn not to ignore AAP. Two, officials mend themselves into new cult of working culture. Three, they can do anything, not in past, to reduce the attack sharpness of opposition and political adversaries. Four, it is a path breaking step to take its new cult of politics further. Five, BJP, Congress, and others learn what this new initiative meant for them. Six, a new political modern tool is evolved “CM On DHARNA”.
AAP is successful in its efforts. After Delhi result, AAPians are over charged. This Charge position is not good. Normalcy is always good. This protest discharged them to a greater extent to think and plan coolly. And not be in air. It also helped in disciplining the party and government office bearers. Short sit-on-dharna brought party into discussion on its fate and future. This way party got many valuable suggestions which are good for party health.  A CM can sit on protest with his colleagues is path breaking approach. Hence, masses saw it as new initiative and innovative in new cult of politics pursued by AAPs.
The protest is depicted and perceived more negative than positive. Many disappointed who saw some ray of hope for governance by AAP. Over actions, acting, and speeches have brought more harm than good. As a result, now AAP’s position lowered as compared to its position before protest. Public confidence evaporated slightly. Therefore, sag has cropped in AAP’s life.
Evaluation of profits and losses from political angel is positive. Over all aim of all adversaries is to fail AK and kill AAP at any cost. AAP has no friend in open to name except public. New cult of politics of AAP made this new political party enemy of all political outfits.
          Before election AK was in single role of politics. He is continuing his convener post of the party. The party projects and pose that it is following flat organization concept unlike others which are hierarchical. This is in tune with party motto that all are Amm and none is Khas in party. This is possible only in flat party organization. After election, he got an additional role of CM to play. Now, he is in double role of Indian political theater.
          While he was on protest, what role he was playing. If he protested in party convener capacity, absolutely nothing is wrong. But if he protested as CM then question raised has some ground. Social activist Aruna Roy who said an elected government should not resort to street protests. She said demand of AK for control over Delhi police is genuine. But she disagrees with means.
AK has to prove as CM to meet public expectations. This is not possible without the support of Delhi officials. He achieved this to some extent by this protest. He added a new chapter in new cult politics book that a CM can sit on protest. Some see it as new style for a CM. Protest was against GoI police by Delhi CM as usual. On the occasion of republic day AK stated “I re-read the constitution- couldn’t find where was it written that a CM can’t hold a dharna.”
This protest appeared more political. But in fact reading between the lines, it was more administrative than political in disguise. Governance novice AK could not give it true colors.
The whole exercise of protest moved around gaining control of officials and tuned them to newly desired corruption free functioning. This was utmost needed to meet promises made during elections. Pressure is there to fulfill the promises. AK handled this administrative issue with a political tool. Hence, he provided very soft and easy platform to adversaries to oppose him.
Politically two governments of different parties’ clashes often in Gandhian style. This protest is very much same and one of them. Hence, it is not as different as being projected and cried. Overall balance sheet of this protest has profit making booking in light of current situations for AK and AAP in light of new style of politics pursued by it.
 Heera Lal (Views are personal and based on different sources)
7.     Times of India editorial they said it 27th January 2014.

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