Wednesday, December 25, 2013

AAP’s Future

                               AAP’s Future
There is huge discussion on the fate of AAP. Citizens want to see its bright future and there is good reason for it. AAP has come up on an issue which helps everybody daily-relief form corruption hits. Corruption hits public in different ways daily. Hence, masses apolitically and rationally wish to ensure AAP’s long life.
AAP is a new born in Indian politics. Its sharp rise has every chance of steep fall. Hence, public is very much apprehensive about its life and these apprehensions have many valid reasons. First, difficult election promises it made; Second, No governance experience; Third, national and regional parties separately or in association are trying to nip in the bud; Fourth, Fractured mandate; Five, paucity of time and team of matured and experienced leaders.
Irony is that AAP is one year goose. Wise and reasonable public don’t want to kill this kid goose expected to lay the golden eggs. But its rivals wish to take part in its last right sooner than later. Its survival itself has many complex and complicated aspects associated with- in the light of Indian political scenario. 
AAP has a very brief history. It started almost two years back under the banner of “India Against Corruption”. Anna face led the movement and managed by Arvind’s team. This association was fallen apart after a very short marriage. This was a setback rather a shock to public. Separation was seen as evaporation of hopes of masses.
India political history has no AAP’s like exceptional progress except one.  Nandamuri Tarka Rama Rao (NTR) founded Telugu Desam Party on 29 March1982. It stormed to power in 1983 elections within nine months. But AAP is bigger than TDP if it is compared on its catchment area, birth place and issue. TDP is a state party with regional issues. Its following is confined to Andhara Pradesh. AAP was born in India’s capital. Its catchment area is whole country. Its foundation is based on national issue of corruption which affects masses
Apparently AAP has paucity of experienced leaders. But now people know that mere experience doesn’t serve the purpose. One has to be honest, commanding and decision making. Public found this combination in AAP’s leaders. And they start believing in party’s dream that honest and corruption free administration will definitely change their lives.
          Arvind, the poster face and captain of the team is a remarkable administrator, social and political manager with an entrepreneur mind set. He is a decision maker albeit sometimes he is misjudged as dictator. But all his decisions came from his team core committee which comprises Yogendra Yadav, Manish Sisaudiya, Kumar Vishwas and some less known faces who are from the different sections of society. Arvind’s team deals issues with analytical approach and proper road map. Probably this was the reason of their success in Delhi’s battle.
 Issues are just like binding glue to associate public and keep them intact. Issue wise AAP party is above the board. The issues they address affects whole nation. Foundation of AAP is based on fundamentals of eradicating corruption, which severely affects Indian political and social system.
Ironically none of the major political parties address this issue during their governance tenure. As a result people became hopeless with the entire political system. Therefore, they started thinking that corruption is the part of their lives.
In present darken scenario AAP’s approach towards corruption free government raise hope in their mindsets that at least someone is there to address this core issue .The one thing which strikingly moves in AAP’s favor is that in this current Indian political market scenario the political product “Fight against corruption” is in high demand. And only AAP is supplying it. Therefore, it appears AAP has monopoly in the market for this political item. On this front this new party is ahead of all. Other parties can’t defeat AAP’s supremacy over this issue.
AAP knows it is surrounded by all political parties. This acts as alert round the clock to guide them to move them in right direction. AAP can’t go back on this issue as it is its whole strength. Party will not like to lose its energy. AAP needs to move every inch very cautiously in order to avid traps
Although corruption was the major issue, AAP raises local issues along with it like water, electricity, women security etc. This suggests the foresighted thinking of Arvind’s team as in local politics local issues are more important. This politically mature approach of the party will definitely help in achieving their goals in other elections.
AAP is using modern tools and techniques of marketing and ICT. Social media use is a good example. They are doing all steps of political marketing is a scientific way. Market research, pure information collection by street meetings are new approaches to avoid adulterated indicators and data for decision making.
One special feature is seen. AAP is getting suomotto NRIs support in different ways. NRIs need and wish to see native country strong. To achieve this, they have found a route in the form of AAP. In the age of net, they are providing all support to AAP from their places. This is a big advantage over others for a kid party to grow.
Now , the most formidable challenge is to keep the energetic and intelligent public associated. It is seen that such public don’t keep together for long as their ideas and egos clash frequently. It is rather more difficult to keep such lot in a political party discipline. Breaking Anna and Arvind is a good example to prove this point.
All political fundaments are supportive with AAP. The party need to manage the young, intelligent crowd tactfully and intelligently, which they are doing. Team has proved their capacity to channelize the youth energy in right direction to achieve their political and social mission.
Every crisis is an opportunity. AAP absorbed shock of separation. It treated that situation as an opportunity. And within year converted the negative energy generated by break into positive political outcomes. All these achievements indicate a bright future.  
Heera Lal ( Views are personal and based on different sources)