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Political Marketing- Obama’s Race To Win

    Obama’s Race To Win
    Different Political marketing agendas and reduced margin than 2008
              2008 Presidential election displayed the disturbing level of racial and ethnic division Obama brought to the White House. Obama took only 45% of the white vote. He was elected only because of his dominance in ethnic minority votes. Approximately 95% black voters voted him.
             A news in Daily Telegraph (6 November 2008) “Power of the white voter is fading” by Gordon Rayner says Obama drew his support disproportionately from ethnic minorities and the young (The figures do not add up to 100% because of Provisional Votes)
Voting Pattern based on race & Ethnicity:
White Americans voted 55% for McCain and 43% for Obama.
Black Americans voted 4% for McCain and 95% for Obama.
Hispanics voted 31% for McCain and 66% for Obama.
Asians voted 35% for McCain and 62% for Obama.
Jews voted 22% for McCain and 77% for Obama.   
Voting pattern gender wise:-
Men voted 48% for McCain and 49% for Obama.
Women voted 43% for McCain and 56% for Obama.
Voting Pattern Age wise:-
Voters aged 18-29 voted 31% for McCain and 66% for Obama.
Voters aged 30-44 voted 46% for McCain and 53% for Obama.
Voters aged 45-59 voted 49% for McCain and 49% for Obama.
Voters aged 60+ voted 52% for McCain and 46% for Obama.
First time voters voted 30% for McCain and 69% for Obama.
              Voting on racial or ethnic lines inevitably reduces representative politics to a bun fight. Each minority is seeking its own advantage rather than the national advantage. Not only that, presently in USA, the only group which does not campaign either on ethnic or racial lines is the group which still forms the numerical majority in the country, namely, whites. Whites, especially, identified with the founding of the USA, those of Anglo-Saxon lineage.
             When any part of the white population who tries to speak up for the needs and desires of white Americans, It is labeled a fruitcake at best and racist at worst by mainstream politicians and media.
            Gordon Rayner say I must mention here, Whites today in places such as the USA and Britain know that if they say anything which can be interpreted as racist, they run, at best, a grave risk of losing their employment, especially if that employment is in the public service, and at worst, demonization by the media with the possibility of legal action, both civil and criminal, being taken against them.
               Moreover, the definition of racism used by the politically correct is now so wide that includes any statement by whites which is deemed “non-inclusive”, that is, it refers only to white society and culture.
             Obama can’t be said a successful president if measured by any objective standards. He couldn’t fulfill dreams which were sold as political product- the Change we can.  He neither kept his promises to those who voted for him or met their general expectations of him nor simply being competent in difficult economic times.
              But in spite of all above facts, Obama has solid accomplishments. He has navigated the US economy out of the depression that was feared in early-2009. Recovery may be patchy but America is weathering the global slowdown better than other developed economies.
              He has restrained Israel from striking Iran's nuclear installations though recent hawkish statements from Tel Aviv point to a possible attack before the presidential election.
              His withdrawal decision of US army from Afghan was a good political move. He wanted to please families by uniting them. This is fulfilling many other objectives but he was prompted for a political gain with an eye on 2012 election. And it is politically fruitful and humane too.
              Above all, in all his four years as head of the nation, he is blameless and non-controversial. It also seems, as it is apparent, within the party opposition is less intense than 2008. Hillary’s contest for nomination against Obama was very dangerous for him. From party angle, he is on more strong footing than 2008, which is very crucial this time.
              Educated, rich and developed Americans visualize and evaluate the situation in a holistic view. They know problems- economic or waging war outside the country- is inherited by him. Added upon this is the spillover of the world economic recession. In the light of gravity of facts, four year is not good enough time to cure a cancerous illness like these. Hence, he deserves next term to complete the task, he initiated. He has proved this by his working intentions.
               Due to aforesaid reason, he will be able to muster and get the support of whites, where he is weak. America is a capitalist country. They will not risk on economic front by giving power to republicans without giving full chance to compete the task initiated by Obama.  A change of presidency is not favorable for the economy of the country.
               Medical care is a big issue in US. By Obama care, he is able to prove his intentions about solving these complicated issues of the country. On this matter almost all citizens will appreciate him, as it is long due issue awaiting heeds of presidents. This is a populist step as it is involving all citizens.
                 He has done what Bush can’t. Osama killing has brought back Americans lost pride. This will help in bringing country’s primacy which became dull with trade tower attack. Attack on trade tower was a big blow for USA. This is like breaking the back bone of a nation. This is an emotional issue. So, Obama strikes the emotional cord of the citizens. This is proved by full fanfare celebration all over the country on Osama killing.
A swing voter or floating voter is a voter who may not be affiliated with a particular political party (Independent) or who will vote across party lines. In American politics, many centrists, liberal Republicans and conservative Democrats are considered "swing voters" since their voting patterns cannot be predicted with certainty. Such votes are usually sought after in elections, since they can play a big role in determining the outcome.
                These undecided voters, called "the persuadables" by the campaigns. Gallup’s daily tracking poll shows the number of undecided voters hovering between 6 percent and 8 percent — compared with 11 percent at this point in 2008. An NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll put the percentage of undecided voters at 3 percent, down from 12 percent in late July 2008. A Pew survey found 5 percent didn’t know who they’d vote for, half of the number at this point in 2008.
                Obama-cool from outside and fiery from inside-has broad acceptance like Atal Bihari ex-PM of India. He is well read and experienced about his politics- powerhouse of knowledge. William G. Mayer in his book swing voting pattern in American politics says in case of reelection incumbent on average gets 46 percent as compared to 42 percent of the challenger.  Due to broad acceptability, these swing and undecided voters will lean towards him in last moment and sail him out as second term president of USA.
                Above and over, his inside fire to solve chronic problems will well win a second term simply because there is no challenger who will be able to embrace policies which might displace outwardly cool Obama.
    Heera Lal
 ( are personal and based on different sources)

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