Monday, June 4, 2012

UP Budget 2012-13

''Now we have  to see what is needed. Do we need first economic development or winning the public faith? Public faith is going down day by day in our law makers. One main reason among many is cheating with commitments and promises. In absence of faith, good economy has no meaning. Good economy without public faith means loosing of power and moving towards a dangerous point/situation. Hence for this budget he is right. He may take your advises from next year with having faith of public. To prove my point, I am personally almost sure that USA president Obama will win second term. He also did like this. Just after getting power in 2008, he started fulfilling his election and manifesto commitments. As a result, his performance is not good on economic front. But he will win 2012 president election . Particularly among leaders, Public need a person true to his words rather than cheater. Your idea no doubt sounds good but situation doesn't allow this to happen.''  It is academically looks appropriate but practically it is not feasible.