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Tainted Characters In The Highest Institution

Social Marketing of Political Reform

Tainted Characters In The Highest Institution
Arvind Kejariwal, an IITan, stated that persons having criminal records are in parliament. Almost all political parties are opposing him. Some are in open while others by keeping mum. The ruling and opposition parties have given their comments against him. It is very much expected too. The question is what wrong he said. What was his intension behind it? Does he wish to serve any self motto or wide public interest?
To purge our political field, election commission of India (ECI) is writing to government of India time to time to reform political sector. But it is of no avail. In 1999, eleven renowned professors belonging to Indian Institute of Management Ahmadabad formed an association. This association, an NGO, is popularly known as ADR (association for democratic reforms) and doing exemplary work to achieve its mission related to political reform.
Both ADR and ECI are making efforts to clean our polity. But government of India is deaf to their endeavors. And so far no political reform is taken to prevent the growing influence of criminals and money on our polity. Our judiciary by its judicial pronouncement has brought some political reforms. ADR and others approached high and Supreme Court on some issues and got some direction. These directions are serving as political reforms to some extent.
Major effective effort was made by TN Sheshan then CEC to streamline the election process. He tried his best to reduce the manipulation of political actors during election process. For the first time he controlled the criminals from rigging, manipulating and flouting the election process. He overpowered and forced to candidates and parties to follow the rule of the land in elections. Then, he was a great enemy of political parties and political actors. The implementation processes settled during his tenure are guiding principles to conduct free, fair and peaceful elections thereafter. ECI holds it and maintain it. Therefore the criminal activities during elections reduced. But unfortunately side by side, money power activities increased and took in grip.
Illegal money enhanced its influence during elections. Recent assembly election of Tamil Nadu is a good example to prove the point. Huge unaccounted cash seized during election. In ongoing UP elections, huge cash seized. ECI has turned its focus to check this growing cancerous disease of political sector.
The productivity of our parliament is going down. Public is suffering as required laws are not enacted timely. The laws are not amended to accommodate the changing situations. There is no consensus on public issues. But, there is no dissent in increasing of MP development fund, allowances, and salary of our parliamentarians. Principally, one can’t enhance its own salary. But our MPs are doing so. For others they show paucity of resource but for them all is well. This double standard and non-delivery have eroded public faith in our parliament. Acts of our members make or mar the reputation of public institutions.
Growing number of members with criminals records has added salt to wound. This has accelerated the erosion of public esteem for this highest body. Members are disqualified by speakers for taking bribes for asking questions and other issues. Now some are in jail along with his secretary for plundering public resource in 2G. And some was in jail for looting and on corruption charges in game scam. To show this face of our MPs and ministers, judiciary played praise worthy role.
Baba and Anna team came in picture as ray of hopes. Public gave them unexpected support when they raised public issues. Baba focuses on bringing black money back. And Anna is spearheading to have a lokpal and lokayuktas as means to reduce corruption. They are leading movements. Their efforts are supplemented by CAG reports and judiciary by judicial pronouncements.
What conclusion we can draw. By focusing from TN Sheshan to Arvind Kejriwal, we find that opposition to a truth is a time being phenomenon. It is like an impulse and not long lasting. The intension of Anna, Baba, Arvind, Ajay maken,Vinod Rai, and Judiciary look well indented and in public interest. This is the reason they are getting public attention and support. Ebbs are basic characters of social movements. In achieving result on a social issue, the very first step is to make a wide constituency. Above described movements, reports and judgments are highly successful in this respect. They have put seeds in soil. Their respective trees will grow as per their gestation period and give fruits in due course of time.
Both are having credit to build an environment against black money and corruption. Prior to their effort, it was not in limelight. They made it publicly visible. A public pressure is created on government to provide its solution to the public.
If we peep into recent past, those, who tried to raise any public issue or to streamline the system to deliver, are opposed. Judiciary was attacked on over reached ground when it started monitoring the implementation of its pronounced judgments. Baba was given all types of shocks to gag him. All Anna members and Anna are attacked one after other in series. CAG Mr. Vinod Rai was put to humiliating situation to demoralize him and to retard him on the front of his new initiative of performance auditing.
When Ajay Maken sport minister tried to clean sports management associations by a law, he was opposed. He was criticized by big political actors from both sides- ruling and opposition and none other than his own party. When minister of rural development Jairam Ramesh said our IIT, IIM faculty are not world class. He was opposed vehemently. The adage “Truth is bitter” fits here exactly.
In reaction to recent statement of Avind Kejriwal, some are saying he has no faith in democracy. What alternative he has. Some are saying one step ahead, he has insulted our parliament. RJD threatened to bring privileges motion against him in coming parliament session. In centre of all he did so to invite media attention, he is being alleged.
Arvind kejriwal is a big social character of modern India. He is having social bent of mind. This is the reason he was in touch with mother Teresa mission and formed a foundation to do social work. He didn’t go to industrialist which was easy for him being an IRS officer. What little information, I do have about him; I can say he is having all required qualities and qualifications to do great service to the nation. He is much better than our so called social and political workers who claim doing social work. He is a natural social leader. He is a role model to our steel frame and bubus.
In every election, our indigenous NGO ADR published criminal and financial status of contesting candidates. Its reports are well researched and based on facts given by the candidates in their candidature. Their time to time publications are in public domain. We can’t expect much a socialist output from a crime tainted and money making personalities-whose thought in not social. Both are two opposite directions.
Our representative democracy is based on socialistic pattern of society. This allows peace loving and public serving (enriching) personalities. Crime tainted and highly defamed can’t claim peace loving. They can’t serve the society as a whole. Ultimately there move would be self serving. This is the reason there is no laxity in our constitution on this quality of members. May be silent, but tacitly it says this based on convention. It is expected that our leader must have high reputation with social bent of mind.
In view of intention of our constitution, its constituents must be above board. They must enjoy pubic faith by their good deeds and high reputation. So that society can expect good fruits from them. This is what he said what I have understood. His wording, tone, timing may be irritating to some people or class, but he has narrated a truth based on facts. His intention can’t be questioned. Political reform is a long outstanding demand of public to which he gave voice and making it visible like Lokpal. He acted as mouthpiece of public for this issue and coined this public interest matter to serve the society.
We thank to all who criticized him. The more criticism, the more publicity and hence formation of a big constituency, Therefore more service to nation at least in this case. His statement is well intended and to serve the nation. Both Criticism and support are essential to achieve a social goal. Here his intension is political reform to streamline our polity due for long. Arvind has mustered courage to peep into this field. He is just mouth piece for millions who wish to see our parliament pious.
(Views are personal and based on many sources)
Heera Lal
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