Friday, January 6, 2012

Corruption movement led by Anna- Suggestion to take it ahead by positive actions

Respected Kejriwalji,
First of all i disgree with your word crossroads.It is not. It is a natural phase. This is a movement. Movement seldom achieves its aims in one go. It shows the sinusoidal behavior. Ups are followed by downs. Since you and your team started this, there is no rest. It is continuosuly galloping. It is but natural, it needs rest. Anyway you and your team did well. Work done by you so far is 100% successful. You have developed Anna in each and every house. This is a great achievement. Now Corrupt and its portector are naked in the eye of puplic. These achievement can't belittle.
Happy to read your news. There are two ways in doing a thing. One is destructive and the other is construtive approch. In other words, either by supporting or by opposing. So far we are opposing. Now as a suggestion, I would like to tell you that please switch over to support. In assembley elections support the best candidate in each constituency irrespective of his or her party affliation. This will create the required atmosphere and environment to take the movement ahead in right direction..
Based on my experince, i'm sending this suggetion. I did positive work by destruction actions like removing encroachment and throwing the materials of poor living on government lands illegally. I also did positive work by developing many parks and green belts as head of a head of urban local body. In both, i did positive work. But latter is more effective and appealing than the former. Please don't be on corssroads. Please do positive work by construtive work. So far we did positive work through destruction. I think we should switch over to positive work by construction i.e. by supporting good candidates of all parties. Whole country is with you. Some are in open and others are in hidden. But all are supporting you from their places as issue of corruption is related to them.
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