Sunday, June 19, 2011

Synopsis of my Ph.D. : Study of ICT enabled services to Social and Political Marketing

Study of ICT enabled services to Social and Political Marketing
Heera Lal
Special Secretary Home Guards 
Govt of Uttar Pradesh
India has come a long way to maturity as an independent nation and had its share of ups and downs, the country has changed drastically in terms of economic prosperity as well as lived the concept of a welfare state.
In the age of expanding satellite service, fast growing awareness and melting boundaries make it difficult for public managers, social workers and political actors to connect, engage and communicate with the public, masses and voters to the level of their satisfaction.
To satisfy masses and voters, social and political sectors broadened its boundaries by using concepts and tools of Information Technology (IT or ICT) and marketing. IT has affected and impacted all walks of life in the society. It has brought India on world map by exporting its services worldwide- particularly USA. Likewise innovative and investigative marketing concepts have galvanized vast consumer sector of India too. Keeping in view the vast landscape, number and fast desired speed, social and political sector must work in tandem with IT and marketing for achieving the desired results,. These two factors have contributed to the exclusive growth of the country immensely and have brought the results, but Indians lag behind in the fusion of the above two in order to be a developed welfare state with both factors complimenting each other.
In exclusive growth, social, public and political actors have a major role to play. Fast changing mind set of pubic where none is will to wait has compelled these sectors to replace their traditional ways and means with modern concepts, tools and technology. Indian Yoga Guru Baba Ram Dev is one of the best current practicing social marketer while President Barrack Obama has set precedent in political marketing as well as good governance worldwide.
Recent result trends of elections and mass movement against corruption, black money and bad governance are clear indications from the masses that they wish to get rid of these things sooner than later. To fulfill these desires of the masses, our political, social and public players need to emulate the modern concept of social and political marketing in establishing India as a welfare and developed country the earliest possible. Without the use to these, we can get the name of India in the list of developed countries soon as desired as well as the desired result of inclusive growth.
The idea proposed is to research the impact and effect of IT and marketing that can be employed as a tool and technique to foster social marketing efforts in India. It also aims at developing a strong medium which can be practiced to evolve political marketing initiative as well.
Objective of the proposed research are:
  1. To investigate how IT enabled services can compliment the social and political marketing.
  2. To develop a formal framework to achieve the good governance.
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