Thursday, April 1, 2010

Social media: Government social networking sites (SNS)

To provide the benefits of social networking sites (SNS) and to expand its usages and revitalize the community oriented goals. This would be an experiment for the SNS into a public sector and connect governments to improve government with focus on improving government - share your ideas/best practices. Government run SNS enjoys the support of the public. Professional network of trusted contacts gives an advantage in ones career, and is one of the most valuable assets. It will reduce the wastage of time and cost and facilitate the information flow and will help in making the organization more responsive, transparent, and accountable. It will increase the coordination among all the employees. Social network sites also provide rich sources of naturalistic behavioral data. SNSs are "networked publics" that support sociability. Due to all these needs we will create a SNS in my current department UP Housing development Board ( UPHDB).

I will implement it based on public private partnership. Social networking site facebook allows users share ideas, activities, events, and interests. In social networking our organization is not having good expertise, so we will use the facilities of this private site. Our organization is a public sector and will use the free facilities of facebook . If any more facilities are required which are not free that we will buy form facebook. We have a department of computer. Its head will be administrator technical and the secretary of the UPHDB will be the director administration for our site. The patron will be the housing commissioner- head of the UPHDB. First, we will make all employees its members with the help of our computer assistant located in head office and zonal offices. They will teach workers how to use this site. Who can be a member and criteria and what member can write and how they will use will be detailed on site. As per experience and need, it will be modified time to time. Director administration will have right to suspended, terminate membership and modify and block anything of any member against the decorum and etiquettes. To overcome cultural resistance we’ll take the help of zonal officers. There will a committee under the leadership of housing commissioner with all department heads and zonal officers as members. In monthly meeting this committee will review the progress. There will watch officers around the clock to monitor activities.

Facebook has al most all facilities and features to start such government-run social networking service (SNS) in UPHDB. The facebook has three main features home, profile and accounts. The home has facilities like news feed, events, messages, photos, friends, applications, groups, notes, and links. The profile provides all features to open an account with all details. The third facility account settings has been divided into: edit friends, account settings, privacy settings, application settings, help center and logout The help centre of the site has given many facilities to get any help. Help center has been divided into three sub categories: using facebook, facebook applications and features, and ads and business solutions. In each category three are different features with their details. This is very helpful for us as we don’t have much knowledge of it. Moreover it is very simple to understand and find out the requirements. Privacy is found up to the need. It has all the required features. According to our need we will collaborate and busy the requirements if not found free on facebook. The facebook is getting popularity in India because of its fast speed, attractive and up-to-date features. Facebook keeps on updating its features based on research and update practices around world, so it is always an updated site. It has a feature to know who is online among your friend and online chat is provided. This is a facility which one will avail to connect and discuss.