Monday, January 18, 2010

Problem No.-One of India: - Population Explosion / Unwanted population growth

In India the root cause of almost all problems, faced by the country, is unwanted population growth and population explosion. Mostly Indians (Majority) do not know what ills of the population explosion are. All developmental activities are being covered by the very fast growing population.
To make every Indian citizen aware regarding this utmost importance issue. A“POPULATION EXPLOSION AWARENESS PROJECT” should be launched in India without any delay.
Project brief: In this project, a collaboration of Govt. of India, State Govt. and International agencies like UN, UNDP, WHO, UNICEF, UNPFA, USAID, UNAIDS, UNFEM, CEDPA, DFID, WORLD BANK, ADB, IMF be formed.
What we need to do in this project, we will have to make it a mass eye catching project. Basically we will make aware the citizens by organizing meetings at all levels by involving politicians.
At village level meeting under the village Headman (Pradhan) should be organized along with all villagers.
At block level we should involve MP, MLA of the area and Block Pramukh &members (BDC)
At district level District Panchayat (Zila Parisad) Chairman should head the meeting. All MP, MLA, members of panchayat should participate actively in the meeting.
The CEO of the project at district level should be the District Magistrate/DC. And at division level CEO should be the divisional commissioner.
At state level –a high power committee should be formed in the leadership of Hon`ble State Chief Minister, who will have a monthly meeting for monitoring & evaluation of the project.
At National level –a high power committee should be formed in the chairmanship/ leadership of the Hon`ble Prime Minister of India. There should be a quarterly meeting of the committee with all CMs & Chief Sec. of the states to achieve quality implementation of the project.
By involving the Election commission of India & state election commissions, we can send strong messages to all political parties throughout the country, over this national issue. For proper publicity we will have to engage print & electronic media a bigger way.
This project is utmost need of the country, which needs heed at all level without any further delay.
Resident Coordinator UN India can play a catalytic role in framing and launching the project with the immediate effect.